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What am I doing wrong - install HP 40L


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Not sure what I am doing wrong, have downloaded DS3615xs 5.2-5644.5 x64, burnt the image file it to a usb stick with win32 disk manager. All the files load OK and I am offered 3 choices:-


XPEnology DSM 5.2-5565


XPEnology 5.2-5565 debug


XPEnology 5.2-5565 install/upgrade


They all end up end up with a logon request in a dos screen ( Diskstation logon ) which does nothing.


Unable at this stage to upload picture, assume as I am a new member.


Do I need windows installed om my ProLiant 40L for this to work, or is this package totally self contained?


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Many thanks for the help, I assuming that when my micro server boots up via the usb image I should get a start screen of some type, but I am getting a dos type screen with a logon request which does nothing. Should there be 2 usb drives one a boot drive and the other with image/software or should I copy a file to the spare hard drive which is allocated for the software?


Still unable to upload a picture of the screen.


Appreciate your help.

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Stop looking at the monitor that is connected to your NAS. Go to another computer and connect to the NAS via web browser.


Hi, thanks for your reply, did manage to sort out, but still having problems. Have located nas on my pc and the setup page appears, when I click for setup it gets to 57% and then stops with a message:-


( Failed to install the file the file is probably corrupted (13)


I do understand the correct procedure now, I need the same pat file as the image file which is loaded on my nas, but downloads is not letting me have the correct pat file. Best option is to start again, but which image and pat file is the best option for my 40l, there are so many in the downloads?


Appreciate any guidance on this problem.

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... try this tutorials, first ... :




ps. there is small diference in YOUR version's of DSM and XPE boot ? may be thats the problem...


Yes thanks, you are right, I have tried to download the correct pat file, but downloads will not let download it, very strange, looks like I will have to start from the beginning.

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