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  1. Good news, problem solved, it appears that turning off SMB and then restarting the service has fixed the problem. Thank you to all that help me on this issue.
  2. I found SMB under control panel - programs and features - turn window features on or off - SMB 1.0cifs file sharing support, is this the correct file? There is a lot of information on this subject so I tried turning off SMBv1 and adjusting DSM to accept SMBv3, still no luck, so have put it back to how it was. I believe the adjustments to SMBv3 is more secure. Still no luck with resolving this problem.
  3. Appreciate the reply, could you give me a little more information on how to locate this setting, had a look at services and found file history service, is this the correct file?
  4. Have checked all my PC's and they are all on the same version, also have done the ping test on both host and ip, all OK. Any other suggestions to this very frustrating problem, all would be welcome.
  5. Ok, have changed the name on both the DSM and my PC, and stopped the computer browser, but the problem is still there. If I click on network, the server appears in media devices and other. I have tried 2 other computers and the server is on the network and works fine, so the problem is on my PC. As already stated I have reinstalled windows 10 but kept apps and files. Anyone got any other suggestions I could try?
  6. Thanks, will give it a try and report back.
  7. For some reason, my DSM server is no longer visible in file explorer under network. If I use my laptop it is visible and can access some folders. I have even re-loaded windows 10, and for a short while it appeared, but when I next logged on it was missing. If I click on This PC there are some DSM media apps visible but no sign of my DSM server or folders. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this problem?
  8. I have checked the photo app above, and as you can see assigned privileges have been ticked. But should admin be on this list?
  9. The screenshot does not show the problem, but I will try to get a better view. But if you go into control panel/admin/permissions there is a list of all my folders, the majority are ticked read/write the only folder that is greyed out is the photo folder, and that is the folder of all my uploaded albums are in. so it appears not even admin does not have access.
  10. I think so, I have no problem requesting upload from my DSM, either from my PC or mobile, but trying upload directly from my mobile I get the above message. I have noticed the photo file was greyed out on one of the permission settings, so suspect this could be the issue, but how to rectify is a mystery.
  11. I have recently upgraded my hardware and trying to get back to the same packages as before. I am having problems with Photo Station if I take a photo on my phone when I try and upload it to photo station I get the following message " No albums available for uploads. Please make sure your account has permission to upload to this album" I have gone through settings and have ticked all the right boxes including user - advance and ticked enable user home service. Anyone had any experience with this package or had this problem, any help would be appreciated.
  12. Ok, thanks for that, strange that I never had this problem with old my setup. I have done what you said and it still keeps coming back, but if it is not an issue will have to live with it. Appreciate your help.