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  1. It is all very strange, for a few days I have access to both my windows logon and all my DS mobile apps, but this morning locked out of windows, but still have DS find, DS files, DS audio and not DS cam. I think it could be a cache issue, but the whole think has become unreliable.
  2. Hi again I have now managed to log into my server, but am still having problems with my mobile apps, one day it lets me on and the next day it rejects my password. I have done my best to reset my security details, but clearly there is still an issue somewhere. Appresiate any guidance , or should I start a new post?
  3. Ok have managed to logon to putty, but again it rejects both old and new passwords. Is there anything else I can do using putty?
  4. found the server no problem, but rejected new password.
  5. So have now tried to logon my other pc, my mobile phone and android tablet and all state wrong account or password, only my phone using DS music app works.
  6. And it was only the DS audio app that worked, not the DS cam or DS File. So strange.
  7. Just logged on using my phone using the music app, and it worked with my new password, but why not my other pc
  8. Agree, if I can get back on I will amend, makes sense. Have also tried to logon on to my network on a different PC, and tried both my old password and the new one, and it rejects them both. Looks like my options are running out.
  9. Have tried a different PC and get the same result, connection refused. Putty using port 23, have tried with host name and IP address
  10. I will try and log on from another pc, if I can get a connection what do I need to do?
  11. Putty give a rejected connection, using IP and port 23
  12. OK, no have never used putty on XPEnology before so did not set it up on CP, clearly a big mistake.
  13. Added firewall, and there was an option to restict too many logons from unknown IP's, also added a block for 5 days on wrong password, so assume I have blocked myself.
  14. Putty and gave me an option to add to my reg, but I have not setup in XPEnology, what is CP?
  15. Password and added some additional security, firewall and protection from too many logons.