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  1. Photo Station Upload via mobile phone.

    I have checked the photo app above, and as you can see assigned privileges have been ticked. But should admin be on this list?
  2. Photo Station Upload via mobile phone.

    Notice admin is not on the list
  3. Photo Station Upload via mobile phone.

    Where in the settings do you assigned?
  4. Photo Station Upload via mobile phone.

    The screenshot does not show the problem, but I will try to get a better view. But if you go into control panel/admin/permissions there is a list of all my folders, the majority are ticked read/write the only folder that is greyed out is the photo folder, and that is the folder of all my uploaded albums are in. so it appears not even admin does not have access.
  5. Photo Station Upload via mobile phone.

    I think so, I have no problem requesting upload from my DSM, either from my PC or mobile, but trying upload directly from my mobile I get the above message. I have noticed the photo file was greyed out on one of the permission settings, so suspect this could be the issue, but how to rectify is a mystery.
  6. I have recently upgraded my hardware and trying to get back to the same packages as before. I am having problems with Photo Station if I take a photo on my phone when I try and upload it to photo station I get the following message " No albums available for uploads. Please make sure your account has permission to upload to this album" I have gone through settings and have ticked all the right boxes including user - advance and ticked enable user home service. Anyone had any experience with this package or had this problem, any help would be appreciated.
  7. Ok, thanks for that, strange that I never had this problem with old my setup. I have done what you said and it still keeps coming back, but if it is not an issue will have to live with it. Appreciate your help.
  8. It makes no difference which browser I use, I keep getting a warning message when I log in. " This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised" I have tried using the DSM connector app, Ip address and my domain. When I click on further information it refers to the DSM certificate but could be something unrelated. This is a new issue for me which I have never had before, previous set up prior to upgrading my hardware was fine. Anyone had this problem, who could help with a fix?
  9. Adding a Hard Drive form and older XPEnology Version

    Your post was a great help to me, the difference between my old set up and new was minimal, the important aspect was that it was still 6.1, which it was. All the hard drive. apart from one are fine, so a little more work to get that sorted and I will be up and running. Thanks again
  10. Adding a Hard Drive form and older XPEnology Version

    Appreciate your help, decided to bite the bullet and went for the online image update, and you were correct it did save some of my settings, but from my original setup, not the new one. Still it did not take me long to get it up and running, experienced gain from my second setup helped me through.
  11. Have just tried to add a couple of Hard Drive from my earlier XPEnology set up to find that DSM wants to download a new image, I naively thought it would accept the drives or incorporate them without a new firmware. My question is after spending a lot of time setting up a new bare metal system, will I have to start from scratch, or will DSM save my settings, or would it be better to format the drives. Any guidance would be very much appreciated.
  12. Connection not secure error

    Thank you, that worked, Photo Station is somewhat different to the version in my old set up and additional configuration needed.
  13. Trying to get my new server access outside the home network. Have activated host name and all working using port 5500, as 5000 already being used. But i am getting a connection not secure error, which is stopping me access with my mobile DS photo app. I have tried using port 5001 which the port was made open, without success. What am I doing wrong, any ideas?
  14. I think the Install did not go right.

    Thanks for the reply, and yes it is fully installed and operational. The pat file must have been installed directly.