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While reading Important Upgrade Notes:

I found this :

USB devices (Wi-Fi dongle, Bluetooth dongle, 3G/4G dongle, USB DAC/speaker, and DTV dongle) are no longer supported.
If your Synology NAS is currently connected via a wireless dongle, it will be disconnected after the update.


Could this be the cause that we can't update from DSM 6.2.3-25426 and above due to the update breaking all USB devices, so that means the Loader will not load !



What do you think ?

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Hi Painkiller,


Maybe, but look in the list, it doesn't mention controlling the UPS by USB which would no longer work. In any case, I hope ( I Have a EATON 650 USB).

sorry for my bad English

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Posted (edited)

the usb boot dom of the original synology is still working and needed and i'm pretty sure extrnal usb disks will still work

the loader is there same in the same way as the original one, it gets the same usb vendor and device id (f400:f400) and even updates work the same way

i dont think these are related, they started pulling back much earlier (like not supporting wifi usb)

synology just want to ged rid of the small clatter and there is to much problems using older kernels and having support for newer usb devices

they want to be in the SMB market and consumer is more of a less important thing i guess


i would predict the nas consumer part will be sold at some point or be transferred to a new spin off company

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