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  1. Let me know how it works out once you get your intel nic...
  2. I did that 8 months ago while I was running 3617xs and had to switch to 3615xs loader so it could work... also had to start buying new hardware, I see there are not updating or adding drivers anymore...
  3. Dell Intel PRO 1000 PT Dual Port PCIe x8 Gigabit Ethernet Network Card G174P or OEM Dell G174P Intel Pro/1000 PT Dual Port Gigabit PCI-E Network Card You can get this on ebay
  4. Yes I got it working only with a dual intel nic, the on nic board will not work. Also had to use the 3615xs loader for this to work on a R710. works great!
  5. Login to plex your_ip_adddress:32400/web/index.html going into settings and work your magic! Inside plex point the folder to your files, also don't forget to give plex permission to read and write if not you will not be able to see your movies. I make a movies dir on my nas also a tvshows folder I just point to that. Movies to movies, tvshows to tvshows etc...Works well for me. /video/movies/ /video/tvshows/ /video/music/ and so on
  6. Intel® Xeon® X569x series processors will not work with DS918 1.04b loader due to hardware specs, try the DS3615 loader that might work if you install a intel network card.
  7. do you remember the ip address at the old home address ? was it a internet address or LAN address ??? Do you have a LAN network at home ? How much data you talking about. If you can back it up do it, and do a reinstall. Your data should be there just don't whipe out the drives. What loader are you using ???
  8. If you have a intel LAN card laying around add it to the nas box. REBOOT connected to your router and get a DHCP ip number connect to that ip number and change the ip address on your nas box to the dhcp ip . (Remove the old ip address and update the ip address to the new one. ) You should be back up !
  9. painkiller895

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Try Win32 Diskimage
  10. the old system files that were not needed with this version of loader... Glad I could help, enjoy !
  11. Write down all your loader info, and try using the other 918+ loader to see if that helps. Do you have a spare hard drive that you can do a fresh install to see if it works, if it does then you migrate your old drive to the new system. remember to take out the active drive out. Start fresh see if it works....
  12. Try this Activate the SSH service in DSM (if not active) Connect to your NAS with an SSH client (e.g. putty) (or from Win 10, open a cmd window, run : ssh admin@my.nas.ip (replace with the actual IP) Enter your credentials (user: admin) Change folder to root (cd /) Delete the xpenoboot folder (sudo rm -r .xpenoboot) If the SSH service keeps stopping, you have to be quick You might have to reboot after this. after your done reboot... also disconnect our monitor if possible...
  13. Try loader DS3615xs It all depends on your hardware also...
  14. I couldn't see how to edit my previous post. My installation on a Dell T30 did not work. I can only get it to work with 6.1.7 and the 1.02b Boot loader for the 916+. That does work, and quite well. Thanks Jun! ===================================================================== Does your T30 have a Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 ? Are you booting with UEFI mode ? and HD set to AHCI mode ? VID:# Correct ? PID:# Correct ? If so it should work, on mine it does...I'm using Loader 1.04 on the DS918+ I'm sorry guys this had to be moved to it's proper post, didn't realize where i was...