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Xpenology is installed, what's next?!


Hi all,


I've installed xpenology DSM 6.2.4 in my HP microgen8. So far so good.

The main objective at the beginning was to store my family photos in raid 1, and then store without raid videos in order to share with my father some old western movies that he loves and that nowadays are somehow rare to find.


Now my questions are:

1. Best way to protect my nas from outside attacks;

2. Best way to configure for access it outside my internal network;

3. Best way to configure it for turn it on and off remotly from network;

4. Best way to sync my phone with it for storing automatically the photos I take daily;



Apart from all these points, and also the main objective, what else can I do with it, apart from storing photos and movies?



Thanks in advance,


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That would be 6.2.3-25426 I assume, since "no-one" has been reporting a positive install/update to the .4

If you where able to update from a fresh install of 6.2.3 any info is highly welcome :-)


(your bootloader is Jun's 1.03b, right?


When those "major things" are clear, we will move on to your questions ;-)


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