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Lenovo b560 install error



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2 hours ago, ozkan said:

I wonder what is the reason


i wonder what loader, dsm type or dsm version (+extra.lzma) you used  - among other things ;-)

(kind of minimalistic your information's)


the network chip is Atheros AR8131, the driver would be atl1c.ko and thats part of jun's driver set in loader 1.02b and 1.03b

if you got the *.pat installed you should have done usb vid/pid right and storage was set to ahci (?)

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39 minutes ago, ozkan said:


imho thats you problem, thats dsm 6.2.1, there a kenel/driver incompatibility's (in 6.2.1 and 6.2.2)

the loader starts with kernel from dsm 6.2.0 and additional drivers, when you update to 6.2.1/6.2.2 the kernel changes and the added drivers dont work anymore (after installing the *.pat file), only "native" drivers (coming with dsm itself are still working in this situation and ar8131 driver is added)

use 6.2.0 (23739) or 6.2.3 (25426) to match to the driver on the loader (in extra.lzma)

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21 minutes ago, ozkan said:

As you said I updated the extra.lzma file but caps lock and scroll lock keys started blinking.


no what i tied to say was use the default extra.lzma and install 6.2.3 - but i did forget to mention the details how to do it (i was kind of assuming you would start from scratch with redoing the loader and using *.pat file of 6.2.0 or 6..2.3)

if still using the 6.2.1 in theory the special extra.lzma for 6.2.2 could also be a cure if replacing the default one the system should boot with 6.2.1 and be found in network



but thats not good solution as when updating from 6.2.1/6.2.2 to 6.2.3 later you will have exactly the same problem (and would again need to replace the extra.lzma to a version compatible with 6.2.3)

so download 6.2.3 pat file, extract zImage and rd.gz from it using 7zip and use it together with the 6.2.3 extra.lzma (link below) on the 2nd partition on the loader, replacing all three files there


boot with it and migrate/udpate to 6.2.3 when its found in network using *.pat file of 6.2.3


as alternative  you could also extract zImage and rd.gz from the loaders *.img file using 7zip and copy it to the 2nd partition of the loader, same for extra.lzme form the img file

that way loader and extra.lzma are back the way you started your journey and booting the usb you should find the system again in network, now use dsm 6.2.3 pat file to migrate/update the existing (6.2.1) installation, that should result in a working solution after the automatic reboot


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