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I'm using XPEnology on a HP Microserver G10 running on DS918+ DSM Version: 6.2.3-25426 Update 3. I would like to user Plex Media Server but I can't. After successfully install the package when I click on the shortcut another webpage is open with an error that says :



If I try a on true Synology DS414, I'm redirected to the Plex portal.


Do you know what the issue is ? How I can resolve it.

I have the same behavior with Domotz package. Another page is open with the same error. The only difference is the listening port which is 3000 instead of 32400 for Plex.


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Take note of the "Secure" part, it means that the certificate most likely failed (https).

Can you press the "Learn more" link, and get to the non-secure page (http), or use a different browser that allows you to do so?



No need to cencor your internal IP adress ;-)


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Hi, thank you for your quick reply. I can't do what you recommend because I can't bypass the warning. When I click on learn more I'm redirected to a firefox web page which explains all the different ssl error message that we can get.

I tried on several browser, Safari, Firefox and Chrome it's the same behavior each time.

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No, there isn't any special reason. I found that the install is very easy with Synology Package Center. But as it doesn't work I could try.

Is there a guide to do this ?

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4 hours ago, flyride said:

and you get updates in a much more timely manner.


I run Plex dockerless, installed the .spk manually after downloading it from 

and I get a notification on my Plex "desktop/Dashboard" whenever they have a new update ready for me, that way I can check other users experience before manually doing the update 👍


Edit: <palmface>

I just noticed, when manually downloading the available .spk from plex, there was a minor update compared to what I had running


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F**** ! So I tried both, Plex install on Docker and whith the .spk file download directly from :


and the result is the same. Doesn't work. I'm wonder if it's because I'm not using an Intel processur but an AMD.

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You *did* choose the Intel 64-bit ? (intel as in platform, not as in brand)


Try to uninstall the .spk, and do a reboot.

Then download and  install "PlexMediaServer-" (Intel-64bit)

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10 hours ago, Arsiezis said:

I can't find the same version as you. The only version downloadable is :



That *might* be due to my PlexPass, as we passholders have some "benefit's".

But the one you found, was the same version as I was running when I posted the screendump above, working fine on my NAS


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