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Hello world,

sorry for My English (not good )

I am new in NAS or Server, for last 2 weeks I am working on Xpenology. I have successfully build xpenology NAS using my old laptops (Dell E6410- synoboot_3617 v1,0b- DSM_DS3617xs_25426.pat) & ( Dell E5510 - DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b - DSM_DS3615xs_15047.pat) only for testing and understanding.

Now I love Xpenology. I want to build a new hardware for Xpenology. I really need your help.

my requirements= Media (Movies, music), Data storage, backup server(phones, windows 10), surveillance (4 cam 1080p 15fps). 4TB x4HDD (more in future )

I want to use new available Hardware. because we have limited shops who sell (for that I have to go 60KM from my home for buying ). I need hardware suggestion for DS918+ and DS3617xs (which is best? or anything you suggest ).

available cpu in my location and in my budget are=   INTEL I-3 ( 10100 ) ( 10100 F ), INTEL I-5 ( 10400 ) ( 10400 F ), INTEL I-5 (9400 )(9400 F ), 

please tell me which will be best for me, also tell me Motherboard (according to CPU  you suggest) and RAM.

Please Help me out , I am depending on you guys, please reply.  Thanks in advance. 

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1 hour ago, ELEMENT-74 said:

Media (Movies, music)

if you want transcoding then a intel cpu that support intel quick sync video and thats supported by the i915 driver in 918+ would be needed


1 hour ago, ELEMENT-74 said:

available cpu in my location and in my budget are=   INTEL I-3 ( 10100 ) ( 10100 F ), INTEL I-5 ( 10400 ) ( 10400 F ), INTEL I-5 (9400 )(9400 F ), 

most worry free are 9100/9300 anything above that like 9400 (high tier 9th gen) or low tier 10th gen will not work ootb but with a patched version of the driver

a "F" version does not have iGPU and cant be used for hardware based transcoding, its not that much more money so i would avoid a "F" CPU

higher tier 10th gen seems to to work with just a pci id patched driver so its not good too

i wrote about that here and there are also some results from users


if you are going with a patched driver anyway ten 10th gen might have the better performance compared with 9th gen (i use a 9100 for convenience and because i dont need that much horse power in my nas)

also the max. cpu/thread might needs to be seen, 918+ can have 8 (4core + 4 HT or 8 real cores without HT), 3617 supports 16 (bat does not offer hardware transcoding support and no M.2 support)


1 hour ago, ELEMENT-74 said:

Data storage, backup server(phones, windows 10),

no problem a all but with only few disks (like 2-3) and a 1GBit network the results could be seen as limited compared with local ssd's (or even nvme), 1G nic has just 110MB/s (intel 2.5G nic is not working and might not do in the next 2-3 years, realtek 2.5G does work)

you might keep at least two 4x pcie slots (or bigger) for  a 10G nic and a extension card with more sata/ahci ports (like jmb585 based card)

i usually go with a 6port onboard and pcie 1x16 1x8/4 1-2x1

maybe m.2 slots if 10G nic is a thing and it would need two of them as read/write is the thing that makes sense, would be a waste of money in a 1G nic enviroment

i avoid mini-itx as its extremely limited in expansion with pcie, micro atx (3-4 pcie slots) is my personal choice atm



1 hour ago, ELEMENT-74 said:

and RAM.

8GB is enough for anything normal, more does not hurt as its used as cache (i have 16 as it was not that expansive) if you go with 2x4Gb and keep two ram slots open then you can extend later


when it comes to housing the unit with external accessible sata might look good but it can be a waste of money and of additional problems

tech realted people don't have problems open a computer case and need to exchange disk is usually less then 1x year

documentation is a must have anyway tso its good to have disks positions (sata ports) and disk SN's written down, so even if you cant see the disk sn in the gui after it failed you know what sn is missing and where its located in the case or sata port

fixed slots will only work with sata/ahci, when using lsi sas controller its not working in that regard


1 hour ago, ELEMENT-74 said:

 I need hardware suggestion for DS918+ and DS3617xs (which is best? or anything you suggest ).


3617 has not i915 driver so no hardware transcoding but more core/thread support, the core/thread limit can be a problem when choosing a cpu with 6 or more cores (and HT)

in most cases a 4 core cpu with HT is a good compromise (disabling HT can be a option, 1xHT is about 25% od a real cpu core, so when using a 8 core HT cpu and disabling HT it will "cost" about the performance of 2 cpu cores)

you can switch between dsm types by changing the loader, the new loader will see the different dsm type ond will offer a migration where you keep setting/data and most packages settings, it only needs to be the same version lever (or above, version downgrade is not supported be synology)

so the decision for 918+ or 3617 is not final when it comes to DSM, the decisions on hardware are mostly final and when going with a cheaper "F" cpu without iGPU hardware transcoding is not possible without a new cpu, or if you want to extend and don't have pcie slots ... so careful planing the hardware and not rushing is a good idea



1 hour ago, ELEMENT-74 said:

surveillance (4 cam 1080p 15fps)


you might read more about survailance station, the amount of free usable cam's is limited and even with a older packaged version its only 4 (even less with a recent version of the package)



licensing survailance station is bound to serial and mac address of a unit


beside a "way around licensing" (never looked if there really is something around as i don't need that, maybe this one in russian, https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/13817-surveillancestation-x86_64-822-5766/)

there would be another legal option that involves having/buying a smaller original unit and borrowing that licensing over network to another (xpenology) unit, it was only once suggested in the german section but not yet documented in the tutorial section so you might need google translate or similar to read it



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Hello Everyone,

After a very good guide from IG-88, I decided new hardware purchase have very great risk (intel 9th gen and 10th gen). Now I am using my old gaming PC (i7-7700K, Gigabyte Z270m, 16GB RAM, 4TBx4HDD, 1 SSD) with Xpenology ds918_v1.04b.

Works perfect. 

Thanks XPEnology Community.

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