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  1. Thanks for Reply I dont have. Please send me link, I am new in this, I can't decide which is a good option. I don't want any problem after some time. you guys know better thanks
  2. Hello everyone I am electronic engg. I am new. I have started to build my NAS last week, I found it very useful. originally I wanted to build my NAS by using FreeNAS, while I am searching about FreeNAS I found Xpenology, I'm so happy i found this community. Now I am build using Xpenology DS918+ using my OLD PC(i7-7700K, Gigabyte z270,) I did not know anything about NAS but now with the help of Xpenology community I am building one. Regards
  3. Hello everyone, there is a serial generator. XPEnology Serial Generator (xpenogen.github.io) I couldnt find serial number for DS918+, please help me out, I have seen lots of system is running xpenology DS918+, how did you guys find serial number for that. any solution ? thanks in advance
  4. Hello Everyone, After a very good guide from IG-88, I decided new hardware purchase have very great risk (intel 9th gen and 10th gen). Now I am using my old gaming PC (i7-7700K, Gigabyte Z270m, 16GB RAM, 4TBx4HDD, 1 SSD) with Xpenology ds918_v1.04b. Works perfect. Thanks XPEnology Community.
  5. Hello world, sorry for My English (not good ) I am new in NAS or Server, for last 2 weeks I am working on Xpenology. I have successfully build xpenology NAS using my old laptops (Dell E6410- synoboot_3617 v1,0b- DSM_DS3617xs_25426.pat) & ( Dell E5510 - DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b - DSM_DS3615xs_15047.pat) only for testing and understanding. Now I love Xpenology. I want to build a new hardware for Xpenology. I really need your help. my requirements= Media (Movies, music), Data storage, backup server(phones, windows 10), surveillance (4 cam 1080p 15fps). 4TB x4HDD (more