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Noob questions for HP 54L


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I have a HP54L, which I am about to turn into a NAS server. I have been reading lots of guides and tutorials but I have some questions regarding the setup of Xpenology on my NAS

1. am I amble to use different size drives? I currently have 1x4tb 1x2tb, 2x1tb and 1x500gb. My plan is to gradually upgrade all the smaller drives to WD Red 4tb. can I set up the NAS with my current setup, and then just swap the drives out when I get the new 4tb drives? any issues or things I need to watch out for?

2. I was planning to use the internal USB port with a 4gb USB stick to run Xpenology. will this work? do I have to remove the stick after boot?

3. are the updates "safe" to apply? or do I need to re-install the whole system? I was planning on using the newer version 5, as this is what I have been using in virtual box to test with

4. how do I add the community app sources to the system? do I have to download each app separately, or can I use the Xpenology interface?

5. I will be using the NAS mainly as a backup device and for Plex. I will be running Plex on separate hardware. is there a recommended setup for this?

6. I have a 5th drive in the 5.25" bay. I have the modified BIOS installed and set up. Does Xpenology need any additional configuration to see the 5th drive?

7. can Xpenology read NTFS formatted drives?

8. can I connect USB or eSATA drives to Xpenology? I don't want to add them to the pool, I just want to transfer data from them onto the NAS (I guess this is quicker then transferring it over the network? I have about 2.5tb of mixed files, both small and large)

9. What sort of protection do I need for the NAS server? antivirus/firewall/encryption etc. not really found a definitive answer on this!


sorry if these have been asked before, but I've read so much old and new stuff that I have confused my self! :roll:

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All good questions from somebody who has done his homework!

1. Yes. It will work. Make sure that you create SHR (Synology Hybrid RAID) initially. Later you will be able to replace one drive at the time and recover/resize your volume.

2. Yes. Leave it in for next reboots.

3. Each update is different. Ready this forum before updating.

4. you will need to add community sources to DSM first. After that download, install, remove via Synology interface (Package Manager)

5. Don't know, not using Plex.

6. Should work as internal drive.

7. Only as external via USB. Read and Write to NTFS

8. Yes. install a USB3 adapter on N54L. Transfer speed is much better.

9. UPS is a must have. Antivirus is good with periodic checks. Encryption only if you are extremely paranoid and cost your performance. Your home router/firewall is already good protection. Forward some ports if you planning to access your server from outside of your home.

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that's great, thanks for having answers to my questions!


how do I go about adding community sources to DSM? I was planning on using 5.1.5004 update 2 with nanoboot (x64), I haven't seen many guides on this but they must be out there. a UPS is something I will look at, right now I have it connected to a surge protector/UPS, but there is not battery in to, and for the cost of the battery, I might as well get a new one. I've read something about the UPS drivers in Xpenology being a bit picky over the makes and models they support, not sure if this has changed with newer versions.


like I said, I've read a lot, just need to collate and organise everything that's in my head!

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Check Synology compatibility list for supported UPS on their website. APC Back-UPS is inexpensive and very safe bet.

5.1.5004 update 2 with nanoboot (x64) will not work. Currently the latest working XPEnology is 5.0 4528 update 2


Read this for community packages info.


http://dottoremoe.com/synology-package- ... e-monitor/

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