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  1. Will probably go with something like I may be able to get my hands on a Dell H310 SAS card and flash it to IT mode, then I can use SAS to SATA adapters and run maybe another 8 drives
  2. yes, adventurous. It took a little while to get right, but it has been running solid for almost 2 years now. Yes, backplane connector connects to a SAS 8087 to 8088 converter that mounts in one of the free slots. This then has an SAS cable running from Server2 to Server1 and connects directly to the RAID Card (LSI SAS9220-8I, not an HP card as I thought). So in essence, Server1 uses the B120i and the LSI card and the SATA port to give it the 9 drives. Server2 only uses the SATA port. going to order I can get 4 drives in th
  3. Sorry, I should have mentioned that the volumes are called "volume 1" and "volume 3". I was actually able to sort of resolve my issue by recovering the data using the Linux method described on the synology support pages and rebuild the volumes. No, my N54L has been gone a while now, this in in 2x Gen8 Microservers, using the onboard RAID controller for drives 1-5 (4x 4TB WD Red, 1x 960GB Crucial SSD cache drive) and an HP PCIE RAID card for drives 6-9 (using the SAS connector of the 2nd server to connect to the RAID card). I also have a 250GB SSD in the 2nd server so I can still us
  4. I have a 9-drive Xpenology setup with 2 volumes. 1 of the drives failed in volume 3. Thankfully this was the a 2-disk SHR setup. The issue is I was using Peta space, and so my shared folders are spread across the 2 volumes. Now the entire system is read-only. I want to try and copy the data from volume 3 to volume 1, so I can remove volume 3 completely. Any ideas?
  5. That will explain it. It is SHR. I'm guessing there is no easy way of "converting" without losing my data Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. Hi, I have a Gen8 running DSM 6.1.4-51217 Update 5. I have been trying to get Virtual Machine manager up and running. The package installs fine, but when I run it, it only allows me to select Volume 3 as the storage for the VMs. I am using PetaSpace to manage volume 1, which is made up of a combination of drives. Am i unable to use this volume for VMM?
  7. just FYI, I stated to receive "no disk space" error messages in download station before this happened. The disk it was downloading to has lots of free space.
  8. I noticed that a few of my apps were not running (download station, audio station, media server, photo station, proxy server, video station). When I try to start them I get the following error message: "failed to run the package service. Upgrading database. please try again later". well this error message has been present for over 4 days now, and whatever this upgrade is, it clearly isn't working. I tried to uninstall and reinstall download station to see if it solved the issue, and while the uninstall worked, I now cant reinstall because of the same error. Searching around has brought all
  9. I have xpenology 5.0.4528 installed using NanoBoot on a HP 54L. I have 1x4tb WD RED drive installed. I want to add an additional 2tb drive, but when I add it to the server, I can create a new volume but it shown up seperatly to my existing volume. is there a way of "joining2 these 2 drives together so they show as 1 volume?
  10. Does the eSATA work on HP 54L? I have an eSATA hard drive enclosure on order, but there are mixed reports on if this works or not. I want to be able to connect an NTFS drive and copy the data onto the internal drives, without the drive being added to the pool. In the future I may want this to be an option though. can anyone clarify how eSATA works on the 54L with Xpenology? I have DSM 5.0.4528 and NanoBoot
  11. I've not found a way to do this automatically, but I mount the ISO in windows using Daemon Tools lite, then use a DVD ripping tool to create the video file. I don't think I can create MKV but you can create other formats like MP4 and AVI
  12. when I used the cashback offer for my gen7, it only applied to certain retailers, so just make sure you check before you buy! I think most sales are starting now, but I tend to look for the refurb or open boxes stock that are Christmas returns. FYI ebuyer are offering the G1610T microserver for £165.24 after cashback. I'm not sure how Xpenology uses FAT32 disks, but if you are starting fresh it may be a good idea to format the drives anyway. using the xpenology format (ext4 I think) you can build the software RAID and drive pools.
  13. I have Xpenology running on the older Gen7 HP 54L Microserver, last time I checked you can pick one of these up for about £170 from amazon. the newer Gen8 is more powerful (and IMHO better looking) but costs significantly more. If you already have the hard drives then I would buy some extra RAM (comes with 2GB as standard, but will take up to 8GB) This will run Plex, but the CPU is not very powerful (2.2GHz AMD Turion II dual core) so if you are wanting multiple HD streams or a lot of transcoding, it may not be up to the job. If you just use your Raspberry Pi, then you should be fine. Only iss
  14. I've been putting of replacing my SuperHub, mainly because at one stage there was talk of Virgin replacing it with the SuperHub2, but now that doesn't seem to be the case I think I'll have to look at an alternative. I still have some older devices that need G (a Wi-Fi security camera and the Wii), but I have looked at hardwiring both of these and then only using 5GHz (there are 2 phones, 3 laptops, a printer and a TV all on Wi-Fi and they all support N) I haven't looked into the custom firmware recently, the last thing I did was DD-WRT on a much older netgear router. Not sure I'll worry too mu