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Synology Sources for 24922branch


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Apart from the kernel version that changes from DSM 6.1 (3.10.102) to 6.2 (3.10.105), does syno included new protection ?


The issue with 6.2 when loading drivers/modules that crash, does it crash because of protection or "just" because these modules are not build with latest GPL released ?


I've been offline from long long time but I discovered that Syno released GPL sources for DSM 6.1-15047 (kernel 3.10.102) in september 2017 and no one tried to build it's own kernel from there. I am very suprised 😮 since there are loader that fool the protection, the only missing part is a working kernel that we can custom.

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btw synology released 6.2.2 (24922) source code for geminilake in september (containing the new i915 driver source used in 6.2.3, so it might be a 6.2.3 source in disguise?)

and more interesting, just yesterday toolkit and tool chains for 6.2.3 and 7.0 preview - no kernel source of 6.2.3 (25426) or 7.0 preview (40850)

i guess it might now be possible to build at least network drivers for 7.0 preview from vanilla kernel, synology is usually not meddling much in that area of the kernel - no use for us without a loader right now but it might be usable on a original hardware with "unofficial" additional hardware (if unsigned driver still load)

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