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Lan 1 running at 10Mbps


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I have DSM running on on a Dell T30 and noticed lan 1 is showing 10Mbps, Full duplex, 1500 mtu.

The onboard card is an Intel I219-LM. A forum search turns up a thread that appears this card is not going to be supported for reasons that are beyond my technical understanding. 

If I can't get this working at 1000Mps, can I just shutdown the server,  pop in a new card, and restart with 2 devices now running?  Do I need to disable the onboard nic in the BIOS first, or at all ? Can I disable the onboard nic in the DSM interface? The server is headless and I'd prefer not to have to hook up a monitor and keyboard to access the BIOS

While I'm here is there a suggested replacement card. The server is used in a home network

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Thanks for the reply, 

After further investigation using iperf I am getting a 1 Gbps connection to the server. I'm not sure why DSM is reporting something different. 


I'm using boot loader 1.04b, DSM 6.2.2, and no extra driver packages that i recall.  

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NIC speed low, you should check your Ethernet cable first. 

Also you could make a Centos7 liveUSB linux boot disk, see if the NIC work normally in the liveUSB OS mode.


I have T30 server with Esxi 6.7 , onboard NIC was working fine.

But this chassis have many slot, you could buy other Intel 340T2 or 350T2 NIC card insert PCIE slot. 


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