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  1. 可以找最新的toolchain 编译
  2. I have a 4 bay Asustor unit, do you think dump the usb boot disk wil help ?
  3. I try the 0.5 extra with ds3617 loader, system could find the HDD through LSI 9400 HBA card, but other problem is only find 6 of 8 HDD. robert@vDSM6:/$ lspci -nn 0000:00:00.0 Class [0600]: Device [8086:7190] (rev 01) 0000:00:01.0 Class [0604]: Device [8086:7191] (rev 01) 0000:00:07.0 Class [0601]: Device [8086:7110] (rev 08) 0000:00:07.1 Class [0101]: Device [8086:7111] (rev 01) 0000:00:07.3 Class [0680]: Device [8086:7113] (rev 08) 0000:00:07.7 Class [0880]: Device [15ad:0740] (rev 10) 0000:00:0f.0 Class [0300]: Device [15ad:0405] 0000:00:11.0 Class [0604]: Device [15ad:0790] (rev 0
  4. Hi IG, Yes, I get a Lenovo 430-8i HBA card, it was SAS3408 chipset, aka LSI 9400-8i , IT mode firmware. spec: 12Gb SAS HBA card. I use it with Esxi 6.7 and Win 2016 with broadcom driver is working fine connect 8 HDD to 2 disk cage. Just remind, SAS3408 use driver name: ItSas35 , SAS 3108/9300 call themself as lsi_sas3 . I try the9300 card driver doesn't work with 9400 card in windows server 2016.
  5. when you want to use jump frame 9000, make sure all device between them are support Jump 9000. some switch doesn't support jump or need to config enable 4k/9k option jump frame. Also if you want to use the 9k frame, you need enable both side of the PC and DSM.
  6. NIC speed low, you should check your Ethernet cable first. Also you could make a Centos7 liveUSB linux boot disk, see if the NIC work normally in the liveUSB OS mode. I have T30 server with Esxi 6.7 , onboard NIC was working fine. But this chassis have many slot, you could buy other Intel 340T2 or 350T2 NIC card insert PCIE slot.
  7. N54L onboard intel disk controller is only 3Gbps sata 1.0, you should add a LSI HBA card for it.
  8. you should first check your 9205 card fw, I guess you flash it to SAS2308 IT mode FW. Than it will through HDD to OS, you don't need config bootrom or anything else. For DSM software, i think only 3617 bootloader have LSI driver, so you should try it first see if the DSM could find HDD. may be later use 918 and external driver patch. I use ESXI version DSM , LSI 9300 card , DS3617 bootload and system could find the attach HDD.
  9. G10 Plus current price is too high for DIY nas. I guess price will be close to real DSM system. HPE sale hardware and service with MS/Linux Software , synology sale software function with hardware.
  10. You could use FreeNAS or Unraid Windows 2016 Storage server also a option with pa
  11. mysy

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    anyone know about the custom extra.lzma with 1.04b loader could support HPE P440 / H240 SAS card with SAS HDD in ML110 Gen9 chassis?