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10G NIC recommendations for DSM 6.2.2


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I recently got DSM 6.2.2 to run on a HP MicroServer (N54L) but I wanted to push the storage a little bit more as I can't use more than 15-20% of the available speed since the 1G NIC is a limiting factor, so my question is:


Has anyone had any luck with any 10G cards that work with DSM? I have both Intel and Mellanox cards at home but since it's a major hassle taking apart the Microserver I wanted to check if anyone had any success stories.



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It depends on which DSM hardware platform you are using.  1.02b/1.03b loaders and DS3615 works well with Mellanox (I'm using that myself).  With 1.03b you will need to keep an Intel Gbe card in the system.  There is less empirical information available about 1.04b and 10Gbe (the DS918 hardware does not have any provision for add-on cards) but there are some drivers in the release.


See these links:


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Hi, I also have N54L running DSM 6.1 and DS3615xs.

I am looking for 10gbe to connect to Cisco 3750x switch with 10GB trunk.

What model Mellanox card physically fits into the N54L?

IBM Mellanox Connectx-3 Dual-port SFP 10gbe Adapter 98Y2404 is what I am looking at....


Thanks in advance.

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