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  1. The choice of SSD should not be any issue, if you see it booting and get the messages on the screen that's all that is needed. I suggest you test with the previous version of the loader and an older DSM to see if it works first, just to make sure that something else isn't causing any issues. Not that it should matter, but try without any harddrives etc, you should still get into the web interface. And make sure you don't have any other devices (other USB drives etc) connected. And what RAID adapter are you referring to? The N54L doesn't come with any RAID adapter, and you setup the SATA ports
  2. No, that shouldn't make any difference. Which hardware model did you choose for the loader? And you're sure your Intel NIC is compatible? And that the MAC addresses you put in are right?
  3. It does take a while before it pops up. And make sure your MAC address for the port you're using is properly added to the config file (add both ports). Since you have two ports maybe the cable is in the wrong port? I am running mine with a quad port Intel NIC and got all four ports operational.
  4. Considering that DSM relies on SMART info to check on your drives, and that it handles all the RAID etc itself I would recommend you get a proper IT-flashed card, or figure out a way to set that card of yours in IT mode.
  5. Hello! I recently got DSM 6.2.2 to run on a HP MicroServer (N54L) but I wanted to push the storage a little bit more as I can't use more than 15-20% of the available speed since the 1G NIC is a limiting factor, so my question is: Has anyone had any luck with any 10G cards that work with DSM? I have both Intel and Mellanox cards at home but since it's a major hassle taking apart the Microserver I wanted to check if anyone had any success stories. Thanks.
  6. Seems to work now with the additional Intel NIC. I can't explain why it wouldn't show up at all with the internal NIC, but it works with the Intel one. Hopefully we get some patch or driver in the future to use it again. I can also report I've updated DSM to "DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3", and apart from the unit not turning itself off when shutting down DSM, and the lack of onboard LAN, it seems stable. The same hardware with FreeNAS caused me data corruption and issues, but works great with XPEnology. Thank you!
  7. That might explain why the unit won't come online after the installation, but I can't still understand why it won't work when I reset everything, especially since it worked the first time. So the USB stick should be fine as well, and I have a secondary one with 1.02b with the same result. I've checked, C1E is disabled, and already tried without harddrives, and clean harddrives. And I don't get any special boot messages except for the choice at boot to boot normal or reinstall (tried both). It would have been one thing if it never worked, but it worked through two boots, but no more
  8. This also happens with Gen 7 (N54L).
  9. Hello! I have an issue that is making me bald at the moment... First of all, my config and procedure: HP N54L with modded bios (worked great with FreeNAS for a year) Using only onboard LAN Jun's Loader v1.03b (model DS3615xs) 5 SATA harddrives plugged in I followed the excellent guide by Polanskiman, created the bootable USB stick and booted up the HP box. Synology Assistant found the unit, and I applied the DSM patch file DSM_DS3615xs_24922.pat (DSM 6.2.2-24922). It seemed to install, and asked to reboot the machine. After the reb