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Full tutorial: Synology NAS Dsm 5 on Server HP N54L

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I posted a very complete tutorial where all steps are fully detailed:

- Presentation of HP server N54L

- Changing the server hardware (adding 16GB of RAM)

- Patch bios

- Installation of ESXi 5.5 on USB key

- Installing VMware Sphere Client 5.5

- Creation of the virtual machine with DiskStation Nanoboot on original disk 250GB

- Mount data disks in RDM

- Installation of DSM 5-4482


You can find this tutorial here:



To consume without moderation with a box of paracetamol! :???:

Good reading. :wink:

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Thnx m8 this is what i was searching for

its in french so its very hard to understand but i think i will get it

google translate will do a lot and i hope i can get this to work


all i need now is the hp mini server :mrgreen: however they are sold cheap at the moment.

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So the real question to be raised is: why the hell virtualization was invented?

The question is simple: to raise efficiency and to lower costs!

Additional huge benefit of virtualization is independence and abstraction from the hardware. Virtual machines can be moved to different hosts and upgraded as needed without hunting for drivers and troubleshooting hardware compatibility issues. On larger vSphere cluster installations its done without even stopping/restarting virtual machines.

The best candidate for virtual machine is an application server, there CPU and RAM is important and storage is secondary.

For storage server/NAS the benefits of virtualization are questionable as those servers by their nature rely on the direct hardware control and low power hardware. I only use DSM on virtual machines to test the features and as proof of concept.

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