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    (SOLVED) smart array p410

    fxt it topic can be closed
  2. peppi

    (SOLVED) smart array p410

    Hi i have the hp 40L and added a smart array p410 The xpenology DS3612xs DSM-versie DSM 5.0-4493 does not show me the hdd inserted in the sharkoon 6 bay sata the 3 hdd in the normal sas>>sata port are visible in the admin pannel what do i do wrong or what do i have to do to get all 10 Hdd's working thnx in advance
  3. Thnx m8 this is what i was searching for its in french so its very hard to understand but i think i will get it google translate will do a lot and i hope i can get this to work all i need now is the hp mini server however they are sold cheap at the moment.
  4. Anyway this thing is awesome so thnx m8 thnx for the time you put into this thnx for sharing it thumbs up