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Storage pool limit to 39 TB?



Hi All,


I recently installed Xpenology using Jun's 1.03b loader with DSM 6.2.2-24922 in a Dell Poweredge R720xd with 12 hard drives which is approximately 40-43 TB of usable space.  The controller in the server is a Dell H310 mini mono that has been converted to IT mode.  I installed DSM into this server and things were working well until I removed a 5TB hard drive and added a 10TB hard drive.  I can't expand the storage pool and when I go into Volume/Configure, I see that I have a Max. allocatable size (GB): 39072.  Do I need to modify DSM 6.2 in order to further expand storage space or is this the limit?  Thanks.



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My current configuration is as follow:


Drive 1 = 4TB

Drive 2 = 10TB

Drive 3 = 5TB

Drive 4 = 4TB

Drive 5 = 2TB

Drive 6 = 4TB

Drive 7 = 4TB

Drive 8 = 4TB

Drive 9 = 5TB

Drive 10 = 2TB

Drive 11 = 4TB

Drive 12 = 4TB

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