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Hardware suggestion for my first Xpenology System


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Hi everyone,


I am completely new to this topic. Since my 109+ makes no sense anymore I thought to go for a custom built Xpenology. I am a bit confused about how to choose the right hardware. I would like to use:


ASRock H310M-HDV

Intel Celeron G4900 2x 3.10GHz


Can anybody let me know if it is possible to use this hardware for a Xpenology? 


It would be great if somebody could help me to choose the right hardware. I am especially focused on to use hardware which is easy upgradeable, in this case by using an i3 or i5 coffelake CPU to increase the performance in two or three years.


Greetings TNa681


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4 hours ago, TNa681 said:

Thank you, great news!




Does the board offer any option for raid? Or do I have to use a raid controller via the PCIe slot?


I'm not sure whether RAID is supported. You might check on the Asrock website

I created an SHR Volume, using the onboard SATA ports, so maybe not relevant. Runs perfectly on DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4

Very happy with it

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