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  1. Sure, I can try. Would Knoppix 9.1 be ok? And again via Putty SSH? Or within knoppix? Could you guide me a little bit?
  2. Hi, does someone know whether this original extension card would work obb with the new gen loaders? Using this card would save me from investing in a new board/cpu/ram.
  3. already did that without any difference Did a bunch of other things today... #1 switched the board to a P8H67M, installed the Asus C100C along with my x540-t2 and tried an old stick with Loader v23.01.18 -> C100C wasn't visible #2 updated the loader to v24.01.24 and bootet again -> ended up with a screen I couldn't handle like something with "Grub" in cmd #3 went back to a new er loader img v23.01.23 and bootet again -> C100C wasn't visible #4 went even more back to my first trcp try a week ago (tcrp friend 0.0.4) and boom -> C100C was detected 😍 run dmesg and dmesg |grep atlantic (see below) Is there anything which may indicates to understand why it works with the tcrp friend 0.0.4 but not with the last few arc loaders?
  4. Isn't it strange that there is no pcie device shown even though the Asus card is plugged in. And it's plugged in exactly in the slot the E10G18 worked very well before. Edit: Could the reason that no pcie device is liste has to with the fact that I disbaled the two not neede Sata controllers JMicron and Marvell?
  5. Have a usb rtl8125b card available (ment to be used for my macbook) and tried it on on my current configuration but removed the Asus C100C Result is that also this card doesn't show up...isn't that rtl8125b chip supported in your loader @AuxXxilium here is the dmesg report:
  6. Removed the original synology e10g18-t1 so only the Asus C100C remains in the system. This is what I got based on "dmesg |grep atlantic" and this is the full "dmesg" report and here is the systeminformation of the ARC Loader v23.01.21
  7. Updatet my ARC LOADER to the newest available version v23.01.21 Still the same issue -> Asus C100C isn't available/visibale Slowly I start to think is has to do with my hardware. This behavior doesn't make sense at all. Swapped the Asus C100C with the PCIe slot the E10G18 works with - no change, Ausus C100C doesn't work Put the Asus C100C in my Desptop and use it with windows - works
  8. thanks a lot! Somewhat suspicious is that I also never got it to run with the differnet extra.lzma (0.11_test; 0.12.1_test; 4.9_test) and Juns loader 1.02b or 1.03b. Edit: By the way, during all of my recent tests I always had the original E10G18 running on the same board at the same time when I created dmesg via Putty
  9. tried it again, this time with the latest ARC Loader v23.01.18 unfortunately my Asus C100C still isn't recognized...when I put the card in my desktop PC it's working fine
  10. Did it again and this time I used the ARC Automated Loader v23.01.16 Unfortunately the Asus AQC107 is still not visible/working This ist the entire "dmesg" result
  11. Thanks a lot... Changed the loader to Arc Loader v23.01.16 (non automatic) and this is what comes out:
  12. Many thanks @IG-88 for your response. I'll try the loader of AuxXxilium and hope the card will be recognized. About the creating a log file for the driver message, could you give me kind of a shortcut/example on how to do that?
  13. I was able to get my hand on a original Synology E10G18-T1 and that one works, as expected, very well. Nobody who is able to help me getting a AsusC100C to work?
  14. Hi, thanks for creating this thread. How do I modify the number and MAC address by using tiny core redpill?
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