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  1. Hey @TomHC thanks a lot for your reply! To be honest, since I am planning to use my NAS as a TV recorder by using a USB DVB-C TVButler I changed my plan. As I read somewhere that it wouldn’t be compatible anymore with DSM 6.2, I decided to skip to update having the hope it works with 6.1.
  2. Hi, everybody, I would appreciate to get a recommendation for a plug and play sata pcie card with at least 4x sata ports. Thank's in advance!
  3. Does anybody know a step by step guide how to upgrade? I am on 1.02.a & DSM 6.1 and want to upgrade to 1.03b and 6.2. Figured I have to create a new boot stick with 1.03b at first, and boot up the system with it...can I than just click the update button in DSM and the procedure runs by it's own?
  4. Thank you very much for your great support, once I am back home I'll try the terminal option! I'll let you know if it was successfull or not.
  5. No, just copy them to an shared folder I created. I don't want to use the photo station.
  6. Hi jensmander, as far as I know I don't use encryption for my drives (think it is needed to set a pw and I can remeber that I havn't done that). I am not at home at the momnet and can't check it, sorry. Yes, as the monment I am connected via 5GHz WIFI, but be also able to make connect a cable (just need to buy one which has the right lenght) Alright (need to check the protocol option and what's set right now). Maybe another information which is neccessary to find the root cause: Some of the files I'd like to transfer to my Diskstation where the "ERROR 50..." message came up are originally coming from ab backup of the Photo Library from an old Diskstation (DS109+). Some years ago I moved them to an external 4TB HDD, since my 109+ was slow and wasn't fun to use anymore. I found a lot of @eaDir folders as well as Thumbs.db files on it, which I removed completely. But there is still the "ERROR 50..." message coming up each time I am trying to copy several folders with more than 800GB in total.
  7. Hi all, I am struggeling with an "Error 50 ..." message when transferring an bunch of files from Finder to Synology. I just installed my NAS and are now trying to fill it up with my data but always get initerrupted by this issue. I've set it up to smb as well as afp. Does anybody know how avoid this error?
  8. Thank's a lot! Unfortunately I can't use raid 1, since I have to merge different HDD sizes to get 2x8tb
  9. Hi all, is it possible to have two independent JBOD's to ensure a Data JBOD and the other one for "Backup"? I am having a Dell 790 running as DS3615xs with Jun's Loader 1.02a and DSM 6.1.
  10. @TomHC great "thumbs up" which loader did you use...1.03b ds3615xs?
  11. Very happy to share my success with an old Dell 790 MT, Intel i3 2120, 4GB Ram 2x 4TB WD RED Loader: jun v1.02b (DS3615xs) DSM: 6.1
  12. Alright, got it. Thank's a lot! Coming from a single bay Synology I have no experience in raid, at all.
  13. Thank you, great news! @MichelD Does the board offer any option for raid? Or do I have to use a raid controller via the PCIe slot?
  14. Hi everyone, I am completely new to this topic. Since my 109+ makes no sense anymore I thought to go for a custom built Xpenology. I am a bit confused about how to choose the right hardware. I would like to use: ASRock H310M-HDV Intel Celeron G4900 2x 3.10GHz Can anybody let me know if it is possible to use this hardware for a Xpenology? It would be great if somebody could help me to choose the right hardware. I am especially focused on to use hardware which is easy upgradeable, in this case by using an i3 or i5 coffelake CPU to increase the performance in two or three years. Greetings TNa681