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  1. Hi, I had success by using extra.lzma 4.8 edit: not sure but I think it was 6.1.7
  2. Hi @Vodka2014 I am having a 4 Port SATA III PCI-e 2.0 x2 Card from Syba Modell SI-PEX40062. I have used this card for aboout 1.5 years and my XPEnology NAS was running almost 24/7. So I highly recomment it. Since my new board does have enough onboard Sata ports I don't need it anymore. If you want it, you can have it. By the way, I'm from Germany.
  3. Guess that won't work as the new NIC has is supposed to have a different MAC address, so you should edit the grub file on you USB stick accordingly.
  4. I would install another hdd and make sure to have DSM installed on that one as well during configuring as a new volume in your NAS. Once that'is done you can unplug all the other drives (4x4tb and 4x8tb) and play around with this new drive and see if your plan is going to work. In general my recommendation is to install DSM on each single drive in your system.
  5. Ich hatte einen neune Stick versucht auf Basis des 6.2.2, dann VID und PIG etspr. angepasst und mit extra.lzma v0.11_test die vorherige extra.lzma v0.5 überschrieben. Anschließen alles auf den neuen Stick geflasht. Leider ist das System im Netzwerk nicht gefunden worden (onboard NIC Realtek), am Port hat nur eine LED orange geblinkt. Ok, werde ich nachschauen. Danke für den Tipp!
  6. Мак-адрес твоего ника, возможно бортовой ник твоей материнской платы. Если на вашей системе установлены окна, вы можете перейти в "cmd" и как только откроется окно dos styel, наберите "ipconfig/all" и нажмите клавишу "MAC", чтобы увидеть то, что вы хотите знать. Надеюсь, ты сможешь недооценить это, как это было переведено через Я не понимаю ни одного русского слова
  7. Danke für den Hinweis! Bei Update auf 6.2.3 nur die extra.lzma tauschen oder auch neue rz und zImage dazu packen? Beinhalten eigentlich beide extra.lzma's (die v0.5-test und die v0.11_test) den Treiber für die Asus c100c?
  8. So, habs nun endlich mal geschafft an dieser Baustelle weiter zu machen. Loader 1.03b und extra.lzma 0.5 sowie rz und zlmage aus "DSM_DS3615xs_24922.pat" Nun hänge ich leider hier... Ich war wohl schlampig was die VID und PID betraf....nun läuft alles! Vielen Dank @IG-88!!!
  9. Hi, ask somebody to confirm if it is possible to add a 10GbE PCIe card to a bare metal installation of 918+, would that really work?
  10. Tried it just today with 6.1 Jun's Loader 1.02b for DS3615xs and extra.lzma perfect!
  11. Thanks a lot for your support IG-88, really appreciate your continues help here. I‘ll give I a try during the next weeks and will let you know about my experience.
  12. Not at all, just felt very comfortable with 1.02b and 6.1.7. In case of going to 1.03b do I need to put in another extra.lzma as well?
  13. Hi everybody, want to let you know that I've succesfully installed DSM 6.1.7 (Baremetal) with Loader 1.02b for DS3615xs and extra.lzma v4.8. This Z420 has the boot block date 12/28/2011 It works great, and the best is all SATA AHCI as well as SCU ports. So in total there is now 10 SATA/SCU onboard ports available. Will be upgraded with a x540-t2 soon.