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Hello All,


I have a Custom built home-server with the following components:


- Asus P10S-M WS S1151 XEON C236 MATX
- Kingston 16GB DDR4 2400MHz ECC CL17
- Seasonic Focus 80 Plus Platinum - 750W
- Fractal Design Celsius S24
- 4x8TB WD Red
-  Intel XEON E3-1225V6 3.30GHZ


I have DSM 6.2.1 installed as DS3617XS. I would like to add an SSD cache to the system. 


I tried to install a Samsung 970 evo SSd drive but no success. The BIOS recognizing the SSD fine, but under DSM is not visible and I am not able to create an SSD cache. 


Anyone can help me what should I do to make this happen?


Thank you in advance



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6 hours ago, J0hnny said:


It's not good news. I installed initially DS3617XS because I would like to use 8 HDDs.

Loader 1.04b and DS918+ supports up to 16 Disks by default

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The Asus P10S-M WS have 8 integrated SATA ports + 1 M.2, I guess thats why.

If you need all 8 porst for HDD, then you must add an extra SATA controller to connect "normal" SSDs to use as cache.

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