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Hey everyone,


I`m John, I live and work in Brisbane Australia. I have had a tiny Synology NAS (DJ115J) for a couple of years and love it, I mainly use it as storage for my Plex server and also as a backup photo sharing server but my main photo sharing platform for sharing photos with family around the world is Flickr. They announced recently they are starting to charge for what was once a free service and they will delete anything over a 1000 photos unless you payup. This has prompted me to use photo station as my main platform however my lil DJ115J struggles with my 10k Plus photos. I`m reluctant to spend a heap of money on a big NAS just for that so am building a home server on which I intend to spin up a few VM`s one of them being Xpenology. To trail it I have built a PC out of junk bits I had lying around, the host OS is windows 10, the VM software is Virtualbox and I now have a virtual Xpenology NAS running on it as well. Next step for me is to get quick connect set up and running.

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Hello John, and welcome to the "family" ;-)


Just 1 quick tip:

Forget about Quick Connect. and use a dDNS solution if you want/need external access to your NAS :-)

For the first, you will need a valid serial/mac combo to add your NAS to a Syno account for QC to work,

secondly, "we" don't want to "abuse/misuse" any of Synology's services, even less when there are alternative ways to reach our goals ;-)


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