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Hi all


About 6 months back i followed the "Migrating DSM 5.2 to 6.1 Bare metal (tutorial)" tot he letter and installed onto HP Gen 8 micro server and everything worked perfectly.


A few days ago i went to log into the NAS and i received the following message "sorry the page you are looking for is not found" with the Synology logo at the top, I tried finding the box via the Synology assistant but did not work, I was considering reinstalling the bootloader and DSM and going to 6.2 but i am unsure if i will be able to migrate my data as i am not able to get into the NAS to back it up.


The original USB stick (with bootloader)has been wiped 


What do you guys suggest?



Thanks in advance

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been there, fixed it. I had this error when I was on ds3617sx,  if you create an usb-stick for a ds3715sx and migrate your harddisks withouth loosing any data.

Once the migration is done to DS3615sx, you can swtich the usb-stick to the ds3617sx one and migrate again - if you realy feel the urge to be on ds 3617sx.





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