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  1. Looks like the USB drive is cactus, it will not boot from it
  2. Hi Polinskiman , thank you heaps for responding Backing up will be an issue as the PSU on the N57L where the drives are is dead so I cannot access the drives What file is it that I make the MAC address changes to?
  3. Hi Simono5 Do you know where I can get the instructions and files to create the new USB, or can the existing one be modified with the new info?
  4. Hi all We have a HP N57L that has been running for around 4 years without issue, about 2 weeks ago the PSU spat the dummy, i was looking for a replacement and came across a great deal on a G8 Microserver. Can i just take the bootable USB stick from the N57L and put that into the G8 along with the drives and that should be it? Sorry if this is ion the wrong section
  5. Hi haydibe So i assume you had to reload the DSM again, i might stick with 6.1 Is there any advantage of being on ds3617xs?
  6. Hi Bearcat, No i only wiped the stick after the issue, i then wiped it and loaded the loader for 6.2 but i thought i would check on here before i did anything futher
  7. Hi all About 6 months back i followed the "Migrating DSM 5.2 to 6.1 Bare metal (tutorial)" tot he letter and installed onto HP Gen 8 micro server and everything worked perfectly. A few days ago i went to log into the NAS and i received the following message "sorry the page you are looking for is not found" with the Synology logo at the top, I tried finding the box via the Synology assistant but did not work, I was considering reinstalling the bootloader and DSM and going to 6.2 but i am unsure if i will be able to migrate my data as i am not able to get into the NAS to back it up. The original USB stick (with bootloader)has been wiped What do you guys suggest? Thanks in advance
  8. Sorry guys, i got it fixed, it turned out to be the bloody USB stick, Damn same as my 5.2 DSM and I tired 2 of them, I tried another Sandisk (different model) and it worked
  9. Hi all, I am hoping someone can please help me with an issue I am having, I am currently running a HP MicroSvr Gen8 G1610T with DSM 5.2 and it works perfectly, but I have come to a point where I want to update to the latest DSM being 6.1 and have come across an issue, I have followed the tutorial to a tee, I will say first off. I took out my 5.2 DSM bootloader USD and created a new bootloader using exactly the same USB stick I have inserted the new bootloader and started the machine I made sure it was still booting from the USB port as the first selection in the bios, the system will boot and right away try booting from NIC which is the last selection in the Bios, even if I reboot and go into the boot menu and select boot from USB it will still try and boot from the NIC, it looks like the USB stick for some reason is not bootable I do not any further than the machine trying to boot from the NIC I have used both Win32diskimager and Rufus to create bootloader images As soon as I put my original 5.2 bootloader back in, it will boot from that no issues at all Please help guys
  10. Hello all i was wondering if someone could please help with a little advice I am running a HP N54L with DSM 5.1-5022 Update 4 and would love to update to the latest xpenology version. What do i need to do (Load first and so on)
  11. Hi all I upgraded to Xpenology 5.1.5022 about 3 weeks ago and all was fine until yesterday N54L would not connect ot he network then after trying a few other cables and rebooting i got her back on the net work until this after noon. The Nus disapeared again of the net work so i tried synology assistant and it did not pick up the NAS, the lights on the NIC are working but i cannot even ping the NAS. I am thinking the NIC might be stuffed. What network card if ok to use and be compatible with Xpenology and the N54L?
  12. Cheers for that i will check it out
  13. Hey all I have installed DSM 5.1 with no issues and is running fine however i went in this morning to enable WOL under "Hardware and Power" I selected it with a tick and hit apply but as soon as you hit apply the tick against WOL dissapears Any idea's?
  14. Hi all I am currently running Xpenology DSM 5.0-4458 Update 2 on my N54L , what is the latest update that i can goto? Can someone please point me the instructions to update? pretty please
  15. Hi all I was wondering if any of you have come across any Surveillance software that will rung on a N54L running DSM 5.0, i dont want to run the Synology Surveillance as i feel it BS having to pay for licences