Dell poweredge t300

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I would like to install synology on one of my old Dell poweredge t300 servers which has 4 GB of RAM. I mounted a 30 Gb ssd for the system and two 3 Tb disks for storage.
I tried to download I do not know which version (think ds3617xs) but tells me that there are no disks installed (although from the BIOS and with puppy I see them).
Can you give me a hand and guide me on what to download and how?
thank you so much.




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I do not know where I can see all the info that you ask me so I took a bit 'of photos on the setup page of the bios and I send them.

The machine on which I would like to install synology is: Dell PowerEdge T300


I do not even know which loader or DSM version is right for me.

thank you very much for your patience

Dell PowerEdge

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On 9/15/2018 at 12:46 AM, aleoo77 said:

I mounted a 30 Gb ssd for the system and two 3 Tb disks for storage


This is not how it works with DSM...

The system will be installed on ALL drives, the drives will be partitioned with 3 partitions

1 - System, 2 - Swap, 3 - Datastorage. and the first 2 will be identical on all drives.


Dfds was asking you of what files you tried to use for your install, any pictures of your hardware, bios,

car or girlfriend will not answer him or other who might want to help ;-)


Unless you know what file you downloaded, it might be hard for us to guess.


Start with reading:

Read it all, but when you try to follow it, skip the part about migrating, and follow the installation of 6.1.x

If you get this to work, you might try to update to 6.2 later.

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