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I have a problem with the "Backup and Replication" feature on DSM, I think there is no option for append / resume, and I wanted to know if you knew how I could enable it or if someone can tell me how to add it.

Let me explain.


First, you need to know that backups work well.

I do not have a problem with that.


On the other hand, when there is an Internet network break (the internet box or the 4G plant) and I restart the backup task, I realized that the NAS did not resume sending the last file where it had stopped just before, but it starts sending the last file from the beginning!

Suddenly, when it comes to copy for example a ISO file of 350 GB, it starts again each time from the beginning. And since I lose the network every day because of a network connection loss around 3am, the file will never be sent since the NAS resumes every time :(


I tried the backup mode "Synology" and the mode of "RSync" but even with RSync it does not resume where it left off.

In fact, it misses the "--append" function in the RSync command line because if I run RSync manually with the "--append" option it works perfectly.


Do you know how to get DSM back where it left off and how to add the "--append" option to the RSync command line?


Thank you in advance !! :)

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