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How to install XPEnology on a Dell Optipex SX280?


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Hi folks. I'm brand new to XPEnology and this community.


I have an old Dell Optiplex SX280 that I want to install XPEnology on but not sure if it will support it and if so, which image I should use:




I want to use the latest DSM possible. I believe the machine has 2GB of RAM, a Intel Pentium 4 530 / 3 GHz processor and a standard SATA drive.


From what I understand in order to install the software, at a high level I have to create a boot USB drive (which never can be removed), then you have to download the appropriate .pat file, then run the DSM setup process pointing to that .pat file.


Could someone please tell me:


1. What files/process should I follow for the Dell Optiplex SX280?

2. Is there a specific "device" I need to choose the .pat file based on since this is an older machine?

3. Will XPEnology even run on the Dell Optiplex SX280?


Thanks so much for your help!

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that's a 32bit single core cpu, imho its not gong to work with dsm 6.1, all three images are 64bit and i think thats the same for dsm 6.0


maybe you can try this instead of dsm


1 hour ago, SwisherSweet said:

3. Will XPEnology even run on the Dell Optiplex SX280?


imho no

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Thanks for the reply.


I'm trying to setup a lab/test server to test out new DSM features/packages before we enable/deploy them on our Synology NAS.


So DMS 6.0 or 6.1 doesn't' work on 32-bit CPUs? Some of the J-series Synology NAS devices are 32-bit, such as:




Will they only run older versions of DSM?


Thanks again.


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