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Loader and RDM

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As you now when using a virtual environment to run the XPEnoloy the SMART is missing. The only change to run it is pass the Disk Controller to the VM using I/O passthrough.


However, using the VMware ESXi with the Physical RDM, all SMART commands work inside a Linux VM.


So, the conclusion is that the tools inside the DSM refuses to enable SMART when a non-conformant controller is detected. Then, to enable the SMART inside a VM the kernel needs to hack the identification of the Virtual Controller. As I feel this can be done inside the Jun's Loader. So, from here I like to request support for this.


Please, consider it!



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I don't know how to support that,  but I think it's hard to analyze & fix DSM & keep update and so on, and I think it have very little merit.


I don't recommend to use RDM for XPEnology.

I think RDM's merit is only for Vt-d unsupported CPU system can get some information from disk.

It's not useful to configure & uneasy to replace disk, etc.

You can't replace disk on crash, before you write rdm config for the new disk. 


I only used RDM on very old system which doesn't support Vt-d.

I recommend to use pass-through SATA I/O chip (onboard / PCIEx) and choose vt-d enabled CPU, if you want to use esxi.


My choice of setup for esxi system is something like this.

It's for home workstation/server setup & not only for NAS, so I know it's not for everyone...

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