recover data from raid1 after crash

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hi guys

i have a big problem, i install xpeno version 6.1.7 on my esxi 6.5 and i add 2x disks of 2tb (thin method) in raid 1.

after some installation of apps, DSM stop working.

i'll do a fresh installation of a new DSM but in which way i can recover my data? i have a virtual disks (vmdk file) saved on my datastore.

i just plug 2 disks on DMS and restart? or i should do other?

i need to recover my data...... i wouldn't lost about 1tb of data.

please can someone help me?

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You can try a reinstall of DSM with the "Migration" option. This will keep your data on the hdds.


Or you boot into a Live-Linux and access the partitions (mdam). Another approach is to boot an OpenMedia Vault (add another small hard disk for it). OMV will recognize the hdds/RAID and you can access them.

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If the data is really important, I think you can also buy a cheap synology 2 bay nas, put the driver in. You should be able to read the data out.


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