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    DSM 6.2 Loader

    @jun Thank you so much!
  2. For xpenology, the pat files are from official Synology hardware. If official pat file doesn't support 24 threads, I am not sure xpenology can support all 24 threads. Hopefully I am wrong!
  3. If the data is really important, I think you can also buy a cheap synology 2 bay nas, put the driver in. You should be able to read the data out.
  4. Hmm, how could that be? In my case, Once I lost my access to the DSM, I don't have the mapped driver anymore. I have most stuff backed up already. But if not absolutely necessary, I don't want to start again.
  5. How can you backup everything if you can't access to the box?
  6. I have exactly same issue. It has been working solid for many months. In last week, I can't access to the DSM. I tried to use the loader and select the reinstall. I am able to reinstall the DSM. I didn't choose the fresh new install. But after the reinstall, I am unable to access to the box any more. Please help