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  1. unfortunately this 2 changes not solved my problem, log still remain in the webui. thanks a lot for your support flyride and thanks for all time that you spend to help me. the changes are liste in the picture below:
  2. NO! if i run the script manually in another folder after a reboot no WEB UI notified regarding sata appear. i explain a step by step what i do: 1) change script folder 2) reboot DSM 3) launch script from shell by root user all works correctly and no notification on webui (except for those in the first picture). now my situation is this: but at this point if i move the script under rc.d and restart DSM, the situation is this: all works correctly, only the mesage in the UI is really strange
  3. i'm really sorry flyride for my bad english, maybe this is the issue, so let me explain..... your script works really better, the my ONLY question is: after each reboot, everytime that i reboot i see this in the log UI: on the red circle in english say "External sata disk 1 not removed corretly". and i saw this logs EVERYTIME that i reboot the DSM, but ALL WORKS CORRECTLY, all folders, volumes, etc etc, but only this log is my problem. it's normal that i see this in the log on web UI?
  4. when i restart the DSM appear message ""External sata disk 1 partition 2 is ejected...", but all works correctly. my hw is a esxi 7.0 based on hp gen 10 plus with xeon. vm for DSM have a 2 vcpu and 8gb of ram SATA 0:0 with synoboot disk of 50mb and SATA 1:0 with 2tb disk
  5. ok i repeat the test after a full reboot, this is the results:
  6. thanks for your support flyride, if you see in the last line i launch the script with "sudo" command, ok no problem i just relaunch the script. now i bacome root with sudo -i and after i launch a script, and this is the result:
  7. hi fly and thanks for your support. i just do what you say and this is the results: if you see the shell, i need to add "sudo" because i'm logged with admin and if i launch script withouth sudo it not work. what do you think that i can do now?
  8. i add a photo with errors, each time i start DSM
  9. hi to all, i fix dsm 6.2.3 with but when i restart dsm a message appear: "External sata disk 1 partition 2 is ejected etc etc etc" in wich way i can fix it? thanks a lot
  10. thanks a lot bonzo but i try to follow a french guide to install new dsm 2.3 on esxi 7 and it's work correctly, i just download your ovf only to check if i set all in a right way. thanks a lot for your support
  11. thanks a lot for your support luchuma, did you use esxi 7.0? sorry but no....ovf not work withouth vmdk disks: syno3617-0.vmdk syno3617-1.vmdk
  12. yep..... i try to instal ova for esxi 6.7 found on this forum but it not start on esxi 7.0 someone can help us to share ova for esxi 7.0? i use hp gen10 plus with xeon thanks a lot
  13. hi to all anyone can share OVA for esxi with new 6.2.3 DSM? i really appreciate it. thanks a lot
  14. hi all at first thanks for your support, this forum is amazing. i have DSM 6.2.2 on ESXI 6.7 with 1 disk fors boot 50mb and one of 1tb for data, both disks are in thin. i just put 700gb of data on 1tb disk and DSM alert me of disk space it's full. when i delete about 600gb of data the size of disk not decrese but tell me 700gb used, but the really size of all files is about 200gb and so, why?