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  1. I did not choosen the pre alocated option neither the split into 2 gig when creating it.
  2. Hi all! Can somebody help reducing/compacting a DSM VMDK file from 30G to what it's really using (1TB) ? Should I've made a snapshot right after my DSM installed with my packages? I want to make a full backup of my virtual xpenology guest VMware fusion machine (OSX host on a SSD). The thing is the xpenology is using approximately 1 gig MAX but , my VMDK size is about 30 GIG as of now... I must have use this space from previous downloaded files but deleted those afterward. My recycle bin in DSM is turned off and empty. The backup is mainly because I use this for many thing including a docker homebridge setup and some other things and I don't want to start over if my HD dies.. I've read that 1-BTRFS (and EXT4) partition doesn't need to be "defragmented" like a ntfs partition for windows guest vm it seems. 2- can't install VMware tools on DSM guest os 3- As I use a SSD I'm not convince about using a software that zero out all unused bites (unnecessary wear?) thanks for your help! EDIT: I've run the DSM volume defragmentation and no change on the VMDK file size. Volume is at 1.02 GB but VMDK file size still at 30Gb..
  3. Mac Mini late 2014 128gb ssd / 4G RAM / i5 with dsm 6.1. power consumption: 7w idle NOISELESS using mainly as a download station and as a Homebridge server in docker. I also have a Apple time capsule 3tb with all my data on it which I access from my Mac mini. Also noiseless and power efficient. absolutely everything works great also Bluetooth and network teaming. The only thing missing is the driver for the built in wifi ac which should enable me to use it as a access point / ultimate portable HDD!
  4. Bump , anyone willing to help? I did try to compile but all the tutorials are outdated and I’m not enough familiar with this thanks!
  5. Hi there! Can you please compile this driver for the 3615 model (wifi AC network driver:) Broadcom BCM94360CS wifi ac driver (the same in the apple mac mini 2014) thanks you very much for all of your help.
  6. only serial , but it must be a valid one (in your synology account , when you register a new device)
  7. Hi! Can you please add Broadcom BCM57766A1KMLG PCIe Ethernet card for the 1.02b bootloader for the DS916+ 6.1 DSM! I would like to test it with hardware encryption! (the driver already included in the 3615 bootloader as it works great but I don't have hardware transcoding...) It seems I can't add a ramdisk qith the new kernel in the DSM6.1? thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks for the tip I've reed somewhere a simpler script that does the same and added it through the DSM Schedule task at startup. I'll verify if only running the script one at startup if my cpu will stay on my throttlig mode I've set. If it come back to performance , I'll add it to cron. Some ppl experience a greater power consumption when using the script? Some say that the throttling is built into DSM 6 but I'm not sure if it's the case... here the script I have (made from another user in this post: #!/bin/sh for c in $(ls -d /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu[0-9]*); do if ! grep -q 'conservative' $c/cpufreq/scaling_governor ; then echo conservative >$c/cpufreq/scaling_governor ; fi done
  9. How to look at it in the DSM GUI? Where? thanks!
  10. A valid SN is required but it's not required to have a valid MAC that match the SN... I'm on DSM 6.1 with the 3615 image. To find a valid SN , you have to create an account and try some real SN and randomly change the last 3 numbers. There's a post explaining how to do it. Next step: I'll try the 916 image but my NIC is not recognize with the 6.1 bootloader... I'll have to wait till the driver are made for the new bootloader...
  11. Pour info , j'ai installé dsm 6.1 en baremetal et tout fonctionne super bien! petit hic: image 916 non fonctionnelle (j'aurais aimé avoir le transcodage matériel) , l'hibernation disque dur ne semble pas fonctionner (je suis a vérifier ce point) et le CPU trotting utilise par défaut le mode performance (governor) donc je vais essayer d'utiliser le scrip cpu throtling si il fonctionne. même le bonding foncitonne avec l'adaptateur thunderbolt gigabit!
  12. Super merci Polanski effectivement c'est le 3617. Jai tenté le nouveau boot loader 1.2 pour la version DSM6.1 mais avec l'image 916 ma carte réseau n'est pas trouvée. Il semble qu'avec le nouveau boot loader on ne peut pas utiliser un ramdisk pour les cartes réseau supplémentaire. Est-ce qu'il y a une solution afin que je puisse utiliser l'image du 916? pour le USB effectivement le débit reste stable à 112 MB donc le usb3 fonctionne à merveille! Je je vais tenter le script pour le CPU et faire un suivi sur l'autre topic il semble qu'on soit relativement peu sous DSM6.1. Effectivement je suis en mode performance. Outre le script n'y a-t-il pas moyen de le fixer à une certaine valeur au démarrage Ex: power save ? Je n'ai pas besoin de tant de vitesse surtout si je réussi à installer la version 916 effectuant en matériel le transcodage...
  13. Hi! is the cpu throttling script is still needed in DMS 6.1? My CPU seems to be alway in the "performance" power state...I have a braswell 2.6 in my mac mini latest gen (2014) Thank you for your help! here are some teminal commands I did to find out: RaiD@SynOSX:/$ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor performance RaiD@SynOSX:/$ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_governors conservative powersave performance ondemand userspace RaiD@SynOSX:/$ echo powersave > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor -sh: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor: Permission denied RaiD@SynOSX:/$ grep "MHz" /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 2600.000 cpu MHz : 2600.000 cpu MHz : 2600.000 cpu MHz : 2600.000 RaiD@SynOSX:/$
  14. Bonjour, j'ai installé DSM 6.1 avec l'image 3715 sur mon apple mac mini dernière générations et tout fonctionne à merveille. Je peux même faire un bond avec l'adaptateur thunderbolt gigabit ethernet. J'ai toutefois 3 questions simples. 1- Est-ce nécessaire d'utiliser le script pour réduire le CPU au idle avec le DSM 6.1? L'information dispo semble contradictoire . J'ai vérifié en terminal et malheureusement mon CPU semble toujours être à 2.6 Ghz. 2- Est-ce possible d'avoir les driver pour la crte WIFI intégré? Si oui comment en faire la demande , je crois que les dev ne sont pas chaud a l'idée des driver pour le WiFi.... 3- Je crois que mes ports usb foncitonnent en usb2. Il y a une facon simple de m'en assurer? 4- J'ai utilisé l'image 3715 qui fait le transcodage en software car la 916 ne foncitonne pas , je ne trouve pas lors du boot. Est ce que si j'ai les bon driver réseau , est-ce que cette image fonctionen avec les CPU braswell? (sachant que le cpu d'origine est un celeron) merci de votre support!