Can i update or do need to do a new install?

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I have a  HP54l and i am running DSM 5.0-4493 Update 2.


Whats the best way for me to update to the latest DSM? 
Can i do a new install on a different USB stick without wiping all the data on my drives?  or is it easy enough to update?



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My personal recommendation is that when one goes from one major version of DSM to another it is always best to do a fresh install. That doesn't mean your data is wiped. Only the system partition containing is modified. No matter whether you chose to upgrade or to do a fresh install your data remains in place because it is on a separate partition. The only caveat of doing a fresh install is that you need to reconfigure DSM from scratch.


And by the way DSM is not installed on the USB but on every drive. The usb is only there to allow DSM to boot and only the kernel is copied to the usb when you upgrade DSM.


Read the forum FAQs and the Tutorial section before anything. I made detailed upgrade/install tutorials for the community. Remember to deactivate the C1E function in your BIOS before going to DSM 6.1 otherwise it wont work because you are on a AMD platform and this is required with the loader for DSM 6.

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