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  1. I have managed to mount the drives on a ubuntu install and everything is getting copied across to a external drive. Once thats done my plan was to do a new install and wipe the drives, which bootloader, etc would you recommend for my HP microserver (HP54L 2014)?
  2. ha ha errrr, well i dont know, i followed this video... and used the ones spec'd and it worked on a single HD. With the bit before, im not sure which pat file got uploaded, i think it was DSM_DS3615xs_23824.pat and ive pasted the wrong one in my previous post. It only would accept one of them, so i couldnt install any other.
  3. So above is what happened to your question. Then i gave another bootloader a go v1.02b for dsm 6.1 (current), it has a note on it that its an alpha build. I have used DSM_DS3617xs_15152.pat and put the serial number in, etc and its installed it on to a drive i had. So, should i insert the drives with 5.0 or 5.2 (i cant remember) and see if it works? I need to migrate as they have data on i want to keep (or need to due to the backup going a bit wrong )?? or do i need to try and recover the data and wipe the drives and start from scratch?
  4. I am pretty sure it would only let me install.... DSM_DS3615xs_23824.pat I used the Jun's loader v1.02b DS3617xs with MBR partition, i didnt put a mac address in, serial number and the pid/vid as i did all that on the other loaders and nothing worked. Using the above loader works the first time, then it wont work when its tried installing so if i reboot it wont appear in synology assist.
  5. ahhh, that didnt work. Would anyone have any ideas of how i could get of this mess?
  6. Disabling C1E worked, it did a install, put up 10mins for waiting, rebooted and NAS just went back in to hiding. I had a 5.x version running before with data on my HD's, so i am guessing they didnt like to migrate. I put my old bootable usb in to see what happen and it it booted to the install screen saying there was a problem and lets carry on. I've not carried on because i wasnt sure if my old boot-able usb would get messed up as it was a nanoboot for 5.x. Is there a way to get it out of the migration and go back to what i had? At the moment
  7. I put the 1.02b on a stick (i took it from below), it got to the screen "waiting to update and typing find.synology" and it just stayed on loading kerns and nothing happened. Do i need do disable C1E to make that work?
  8. Thanks Blue Max, that guide helped out massively. I have the boot loader on the usb stick, it loads up and the screen stops at the message "the screen will stop updating shortly...." , so i try to search for the synology with the synology assistant or find. but there is nothing to be found, what am i doing wrong?? I have tried bootloader 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04 and i am running a HP54L....
  9. Hello Has anyone managed to create the USB bootloader using a mac? Every time i try to mount the 1.03b boot .img file it says "no mountable file systems". Is 6.1.3 with the V1.03b stable on a HP microserver (HP54L 2014)?? I dont have access to a PC so i am a little bit stuck at the mo. Thanks
  10. So just follow this guide you created...
  11. Hello I have a HP54l and i am running DSM 5.0-4493 Update 2. Whats the best way for me to update to the latest DSM? Can i do a new install on a different USB stick without wiping all the data on my drives? or is it easy enough to update? Thanks
  12. Hello all I have two 2tb HDD's and two 3tb HDD's. I understand if I put them in my hp server with xpenology and use RAID1 It will mean I have 4tb's in total. Is there anyway to partion the HDD's so I don't loose 2tbs but keep a raid 1 setup So it's spread across all HDD's (correct me if that's the wrong raid number) and I have a separate drive on the server for the spare 2tbs, if that makes sense?? Thanks
  13. fair enough, thanks for answering the questions!
  14. Oh right, i thought i read some where that it would install everything across the HD's so you wouldn't need a usb stick. As USB sticks dont last forever and have a habit of dieing
  15. Ok, so what would you suggest i do to make it all load from a HD?