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  1. Here is my case: I have MS Gen8 with DSM 6.2 in workgroup environment. 2 users - "me" and admin in DSM in administration group, both active. the same admin account is used to manage other windows pcs, also used for access for backing scripts, root has the same password as admin and permitted (used to power off NAS through ups software). If I disable admin in DSM a lose root access too and I have to change script settings. When I setup new DSM share all Windows pcs that have the admin account (the same password) have full access even if they are logged on with different account. Is this a bug or normal and how to best go about it? Thanks
  2. After all the problems with the previous update, we should know better before doing any kind of update again without research. So what is the news about this one?
  3. stan

    link bond / LACP

    i have a bond on HPMSG8 LACP on Netgear switch max 115 MB/s, server also LACP, 2 cards
  4. I did the downgrade I edited the VERSION file from windows (winscp) since I had a connection to the nas i migrated and all was kept the same, i had to clear the SMB cache since i had a bond i had to disconnect one cable and move the other to another switch port for the nas to be found by the synology assistant, i have dhcp on my lan. maybe this info will help someone.
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