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  1. Just want to share my experiences with the WOL and how I got it to work. I tested the WOL using the BIA and it works. However, when I initiate the shutdown from the DSM, the WOL doesn't work. So I spent a couple of hours testing. If you have configure or spoof a mac address different from the BIA, you need to use the spoof address for WOL after you shutdown from the DSM GUI. If you lost power and come back up. You need to use the BIA for the WOL. OK. Have fun. Differences in how to get things going between a US$400 motherboard that support IPMI and the $130 one that don't.
  2. Jason69

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I've been running Jun 1.02 with DSM 6.1 on J1900 with with 12 SATA ports, tested till 6 disk, and currently running 4x 4TB in " secondary (home) production". Motherboard (J1900 with 12 SATA Ports) + OEM Fractal Design 304 case = US$200+$30(shipping) /= - appears to be using port multiplier. - 2 x GE ports. (dunno what chips but 1.02 works fine). SFX PSU = approx US$70 2GB RAM DDR3 "sodimm?" = free (dig it up from my old parts drawer). I'm planning to upgrade my primary NAS to 6.x as well, so the question is, if Jun 1.02 alpha is working fine, should I upgrade to 1.02a ?
  3. Could you post a photo of your bios setup ? Where to enable the bios. Mine is shown as some sort of NVR (Network Video Recorder). The bios setup on mine is weird and only show 2 channels. The bios can only boot from USB or HDD1 which is the standalone SATA in the middle. It doesn't see any of the other HDD when I select HDD Priority or Boot Sequence. There is 4 SATA connector on the side, but only the 1st one is working in XPenology. The rest doesn't detect the HDD connected. There is 8 SATA connector on the front, but only the bottom connector is working in XPenology. So that's a total of 4 SATA in front. I fixed the problem with the limited space by using a SFX / SFF PSU. Also their chassis is pretty much a clone of a Fractal Node 304 at 65% of the price. I have not test stability, but I'm happy with it so far... if I could get 8 SATA, that would be fantastic. I
  4. I can 1 port out of the 4 port on group A. I can only use 4 port out of the 8 port (1 each) on group B And I can use port Group C , so total of only 6 ports. Could you tell me which are the ports working for you and how you got to 8 ports ?
  5. Has anybody got DSM 6 with intel i211 NIC and marvel 9215 SATA controller?
  6. Yes, please add the support for the Intel i211 and Marvell 88SE9215. Thanks !!
  7. Jason69

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Thanks. I guess I should be more specific with the details. Anyway, I pretty much figure out it's a dual intel i211. Problem I couldn't figure why the Synology Assistant couldn't find the system with Jun or quickNick 6.0 loader but the xpenology 5.2 loader works fine.
  8. Did you get far with this ? I bought a bundle of their 6 HDD case with the motherboard. Problem is the SATA connector face front, which leave too little space for the SATA cables. Basically I'm trying to find a solution. Tried to use port 10-13 but only 1 port is working. Also, the board isn't working with the Jun or quicknick loader.
  9. Jason69

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I'm using a J1900 motherboard. The 5.2 Xpenology works fine. But the Jun loader doesn't seems to load the network drivers. Does the 5.2 loader and Jun's Loader has the similar drivers ?
  10. Hi, I've a NAS using Asrock C2750 board with 8 HDD and like many others out there recently, my system has a sudden death. Long and short story, but I'm not keen on getting the same motherboard and would be keen to know if anybody has done a migration from a phyiscal nas to running a VM as I would like to ensure that all my data is safe !! Thanks !!
  11. Just some feedback on a Asrock C2750D4I build. 1. Using Silverstone DS380B . a. This is incompatible with SST-45SF-G !! This is due to the protection circuit on the DS380 and the low Amp on the 5V line on the SST-45SF-G , it's only 14A and you need something closer to 20A or higher. b. Silverstone DS380B cooling is horrible. I put in a piece of cardboard to direct the airflow to the HDD, and then brings it down a degree or two but it's really not designed to be used with 8 HDD. I use a mix of Hitachi 6TB disk and WD 4TB red. Temp for Hitachi is approx 45 to 50 during no load to light loan. and WD Red is approx 35 to 42. 2. Remember the config of your bios. I had problem with the system when I replace my motherboard battery. Power on through IPMI/KVM doesn't work if battery is low or dead. 3. Reminder to Self - Disable the Marvel 9172 controller. There was suggestions to change the Sata controller from AHCI to IDE to fix some problem with the hanging. I found the better solution was to disable the Marbel 9172 controller. Just take note of the solution you choose as switching between them could results in data corruption. Anyway, this is just a note to self in case I encounter problem again and need a references.
  12. I've used virtualbox and installed a virtual esxi VM for testings purpose. Recently I've upgraded DSM and in the process, upgraded Virtualbox and now my virtual ESXi would crash during bootup. Re-installing the vESXi, etc doesn't work. It seems to be related to how the VM is detected as "headless" by the OS and this seems to be different in the older versions of Virtualbox. Does anybody has any idea ? I'm currently using v5.0.22 but I'm not sure what would be a previous working version of Virtualbox. I think it's 4.x but 4.x is a major pain to install due to dependencies.
  13. Thanks !! Found the same solution yesterday but it was too late for me to reply here. However, my Marvell controller is still disabled. So will test and see if it fixed the marvell controller problem (hangs) later...
  14. I have a asrock c2750d4i running DSM 5.2-5565 working fine (with both marvell controller disable). Since my disk is empty at the moment, just for the fun of it, I updated to DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2 ,and it hangs at the the same error message " =trigger device plug event" . So MAYBE these bugs are by Synology deliberately.
  15. I have the asrock c2750d4i and I've disable both marvell controller at the moment and it's working. I'm hoping they will get this working properly soon so that I can re-enable the controllers. Hope the dev is looking into this.
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