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  1. DS3615x AMD A6 7400K MSI Mobo bare metal running JUN's 1.02b loader. Updated successfully, no problems to report so far.
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    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I'd just like to offer a HUGE thank you to Jun and Polanskiman, I've had to hold off on updating past 6.0.2 x8451 because I'm on an AMD setup: AMD A6 7400K MSI A88XI AC v2 FM2+ mITX 8GB RAM In a Fractal Design Node 304 box that had been running the original Polanskiman's tutorial. Decided on a whim to see if Jun's 1.0.2B loader would work, load it on a USB stick and voila! The box booted up and Synology Assistant found it right away. The only "hiccup" I ran into was, when the box booted up the Assistant asked if I want to migrate, and when I tried migrating with 6.0.2 x 8451 it gave me an error. ”Failed to install the file. The file is probably corrupted. (13)" Double checked the VID and PID and nothing seems to work, even a forced install didn't work. Double checked the .PAT file, re-downloaded, and still no go. Finally gave up and have the DSM migration wizard download "the latest" 6.1.3 and again, VOILA! Box booted up an have been running like a champ. I was hesitant on letting migration wizard do its thing and install the latest, but assumed that even if it nuked the drive, I can walk it back using the older loader and reinstall 6.0.2 x8451 and copy all the files I backed up before I started. Lucky I didn't have to do that with 2 TB of data over USB. Just happy to report that loader 1.0.2B seems to work on my AMD box okay.