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    Tutorial: DSM 6.x on Proxmox

    Hey there, Followed your steps perfectly, but I get a loop message "No bootable device". Here's a screen. However, I found a workaround: if I hit F12 and choose the option 4 (boot from USB), I get the message of the GRUB that leads me to the step where I should be able to find the NAS through Synology Assistant, but I don't see it... Actually, without Proxmox, I booted the server on a USB on which there is that synoboot, and it worked well, so I already upgraded my system from 5.2 to 6.1 that way (so working around Proxmox). I thought therefore it would be easy in a second step to upgrade my 5.2 virtual machine easily, but so far, the result is that I can't access my Synology OS on the usual IP, nor detect it with Synology Assistant... Question: in the packaged synoboot.img I replaced the MAC1 with the one of the VIRTUAL driver. I also left the VID and PID of the USB I had used, since I don't see how I should use an alternative here. Should I have done that? Thanks.