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  1. Hello, I have one problem with jun's loader, the timeout not work. If I restart my NAS QNAP 559 +, I need to press Enter to validate the menu. I have try to set the timeout to 0 and disable the line, but nothing work. How can I resolve the problem ? Thank you very much
  2. Sorry, I have do a clean install without data... You will need create a backup.
  3. Finaly it work in 6.2.2, I have set the setting to 10 minutes, but it take more like 15 minutes to go hibernation....
  4. Hello everyone, I have install DSM on my Qnap TS559 pro+, all work without problem except the hibernation. I have the problem with 6.2.3 and I have downgrade to 6.2.2 but same problem. Anyone know how can I resolve the problem ?
  5. Hello, Anyone have see and try that ?