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  1. ds918+ 6.2.4-25556 update 2 (thanks to @jumkey's github action) Test on VMware Workstation (ps. disable boot-wait extension because of error) source: https://github.com/ek2rlstk/redpill-load/tree/6.2.4-25556-u2 (use 6.2.4-25556-u2 branch) boot with 6.2.4 loader -> update to 6.2.4 update 2 -> change loader to 6.2.4 update 2
  2. @ThorGroup 6.2.4-25556 update 2 pat (which now available at synology download center), inside .debs / find flashupdate_6.2-25556-s2.all.deb, found data.tar.xz and seeing different zlmage inside, so update 2 won't work
  3. have a question, dsm 6.2.4 loader can support 6.2.4-25556 update 1 and 2?
  4. I use haydibe's toolchain 0.5.4, but seems redpill lkm wasn't inserted situation is interesting
  5. vmware workstation, e1000e, 6.2.4-25556 / ds3615xs, error 13 (56%). interesting parameter error also when install dsm, hard disk 1 and 2 are formatted??? 1.txt
  6. vmware workstation with 6.2.4-25556 (bromolow) seems to not work. this is serial log. how to fix it? 1.txt
  7. I make loader on 6.2.4 - apollolake, test on vmware workstation (nic: e1000e) While testing, find.synology.com is successful, but dsm install step gets error 13. Is it works on vmware workstation? Also, loader cannot boot efi. It boots bios only?
  8. how to compile redpill with pkgscripts-ng? I set up env with pkgscripts-ng, but cannot compile it
  9. Synology seems to remove access GPL source for 6.2.4 and 7.0, So I don't make lkm and loader
  10. Getting this on CentOS 7 (it uses 3.10 kernel), So this driver compatible on DSM? and centos7 kernel source package: http://vault.centos.org/7.8.2003/os/Source/SPackages/kernel-3.10.0-1127.el7.src.rpm igc.ko
  11. Anybody knows Intel I225 series supports in DSM? pci id: https://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/IGC.html if don't support, please add support it.
  12. please add support Intel® Ethernet Controller I225 (igc.ko)