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  1. Hi, how does it works exactly ? I mean for Baremetal, with redpill tools, we burn the loader into a USB stick, boot from the usb stick and then install DSM. With @pocopico 's loader, we boot the baremetal from usbstick, create the loader -> where is the loader created ? On usbstick ? on HDD present in Baremetal ?
  2. Just a quick reminder for myself (and maybe it can help other) for the next try : When i start to upgrade my Gen10 plus (1 internal Sata with 4 disks 1,2,3,4) from 6.2.3 (Jun loader 3617xs) to 7.0.0 (Redpill) 3615xs : Only one disk was shown with id 13 ? In order to get all 4 disks working i was needed to modify grub : Jun Loader 6.2.3 Grub : Bold : present by default on Jun loader ? set common_args_3617='syno_hdd_powerup_seq=0 HddHotplug=0 syno_hw_version=DS3617xs vender_format_version=2 console=ttyS0,115200n8 withefi elevator=elevat
  3. Hi Witewulf, i already rollback. I Will try leater with empty disk to check logs before crash.
  4. Hi, Same logs on my baremetal gen10 plus, using the 3615xs and 7.0.1. My cpu is xeon e-2224. FYI always crashing When i try to log in. I rollback to 6.2.3.
  5. You have to add a new sata controller, and set HDD to use the new sata controller (1:0, 1:1, ...) Sata controller usage are defined under your disks settings, under VM confgiuration.
  6. You might check : Loader is using sata0:0 HDD is using sata1:x Your grub has correct configuration (DiskIdxMap=1000 & SataPortMap=1 in my case) Sata boot is selected on 1st boot using your console access
  7. Anyrhing else to do prior creating the script is needed ? /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ line 3: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor: No such file or directory
  8. Just tried with my Gen10 plus (with Xeon E-2224) and 918+ loader with 7.0.1 NIC : Only 2 detected (4 set in grub) I use a LAG (802.3ad of 2 nic : Working) Install : No issue at all : It asked for migrating my OLD disk (No production disk has been used) CPU : My Xeon E-2224 is only shown as one core (Same issue has in 6.2.3 with 918+ -> Need 3617xs loader to have all 4 cores used) Info Center : Working Applications : Synology Photo / Drive: Face detection not working Unable to play a video
  9. Thanks ! I am still not able to install DSM (918+ or 3615xs) even if i play with DiskIdxMap and SataPortMap. So yes you are right about daa-sdaz enumeration but i m still not able to get the proper value (DiskIdxMap=0C,DiskIdxMap=0C00, DiskIdxMap=1000,...) Sep 3 07:48:29 synodiskport: external/external_disk_port_check.c:158 expected sdx or /dev/sdx, not md, not match any port type Anyone using ESXi (7.0 in my case) and with virtual sata disk 0:0 (for loader) and 1:0 for DATA able to install DSM 7.0 with 918+ loader ? What DiskIdxMap value ?
  10. Hi @scoobdriver Yes i am on Esxi, and yes i also selected sata on grub. From what i saw, without DiskIdxMap=1000 & SataPortMap=4, i was seeing only one disk, and after i start the installer, i was stuck at 0%/failed, after a reload i was in the grub rescue mode. So think without DiskIdxMap=1000 & SataPortMap=4, installer was overwriting the boot disk.
  11. Okay with DiskIdxMap=1000 & SataPortMap=4 , it's better as the installer shows 2 disks instead of 1 (So i think of sata 1:0 & 1:1). But i m stuck at 55% and no more grub rescue after a reboot.
  12. From my side i was not able to install DSM 7, using Esxi 7.0 and DSM7 for 918+ (2* 100GB DATA disks are defined under sata1:0 and sata1:1) : It sounds like it can't find both data disks, and installer is trying to format synoboot (After a reboot -> Grub rescue) ug 20 10:25:58 install.cgi: install.c:520 Unknown param localinstallreq=false Aug 20 10:25:58 install.cgi: install.c:520 Unknown param _dc=1629455159342 Aug 20 10:25:58 kernel: [ 89.360848] <redpill/rtc_proxy.c:37> MfgCompatTime raw data: sec=59 min=25 hr=10 wkd=5 day=20 mth=7 yr=121 Aug 20
  13. I don't try with xpenology (Gen10 plus with e-2224), but for another Gen10 plus which I use with Esxi, i installed a i9-9900 without any problem.