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    CPU Temperature

    I asked the same question with no answer. Let me know if this command works for you. running the following command shows me the correct cpu temperature. cat /sys/bus/platform/devices/coretemp.0/temp1_input
  2. ajafar

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Hey Trantor, Awesome build. I just upgraded from 4.2-3202 to 4.3-3827 and had to restore all apps but that was a given. I upgraded because I was infected with the dreaded lolz and pwned virus. Anyway, I noticed that the thermal status isn't working like a few other people have reported, but it was working with odie's 3202 build. It shows a constant 40 degrees which I know is incorrect. running the following command shows me the correct cpu temperature. cat /sys/bus/platform/devices/coretemp.0/temp1_input Do you know where synology pulls their thermal status from and could it be just an incorrect reference because of the modified installation? Thanks. My hardware is the following Acer AC100 e3-1260l xeon quad core processor 4gb ram 4 x 3tb wd red drives
  3. I had it running under WHS 2011 on a Core 2 Quad with 4GB of ram and 2x2TB Raid 0 and Intel SSD for the OS drive. I had the VM running on the SSD and the data on the Raid 0 and couldn't get it to crack 15megabytes per second. I then ran it native and it's saturating my ethernet link. I think the problem is how virtualbox is handling the network bridging so I just gave up on it as a VM for performance in my case.
  4. are you using the DSM system on the virtualbox for windows ? Initially, that's what I did. I installed virtual box on whs 2011, tested the deployment and was a little disappointed with the performance (hdd read and write was around 5-10MBytes/sec). I had a spare ex495 lying around and decided to try it out. I installed the synoboot image onto a USB thumbdrive, placed the thumb drive in the server, placed 4 new hdd. booted it up, once the synology assistant showed the device on the network, I removed the thumbdrive, installed the modified pat file and about 5 minutes later, once the pat file installed, I placed the thumb drive back into the machine and everything was up and running again. It took about 3 hours for the shr to finish optimizing the datastore but once done, its been flying.
  5. Thank you very much for this awesome build. I have a handful of HP EX495 Media Server devices that I've been running with WHS 2011. They've been great but lacked a few of the packages that Synology has. This build works nearly 100% with the EX495. Processor is E8500 Dual Core Ram is 2GB NIC is Realtek GB Ethernet Chipset is ICH9 Things that does not work are WOL, the correct bay lights. I can saturate GB Ethernet when transferring, I'm getting 90MB/Sec when transferring over LAN to 4 400GB (for testing purposes, will upgrade to larger drives soon). Thank you again for this awesome package.