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  1. Anybody knows how to get push notifications working (enabled in the first place)? I'm not able to enable it in the control panel, I get the error "Failed to forward DiskStation information to push service server". I've changed my serial and MAC to match the NIC hardware address. Same problem on 4.3.3810 and 4.3.3827.
  2. lundan

    CPU Temperature

    My only shows the harddrive with the highest temperature when I do that, at least it is always the same temperature as the harddrive, and I doubt that my CPU temperature is always around 34°C.
  3. lundan

    Forum: Tapatalk support?

    Is it possible to implement support for tapatalk for this forum? I would have been a nice feature to make it easier to keep up while you're on the go!
  4. lundan

    CPU Temperature

    Hello! Is it possible to see the CPU temperature of my NAS in any way? I know that this is dependent of the hardware I use, but there must be some tool out there that supports multiple motherboards/CPUs? Is it possible to install it to XPEnology? It would be great if it's possible to get the synology interface to show the CPU temp in "System information". I'm currently using an ASRock FM2A88X-ITX+ motherboard with a AMD A-Series A8-5500 CPU. Any thougts? Thanks!
  5. lundan

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Hello! Great work with this project, I've just set up a new box with multiple harddrives as my new NAS and it looks promising! Is it possible to add drivers for Hauppauge Win TV-HVR-2200? Anyone that can help me add these drivers manually perhaps? That would be awesome! Thanks!