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  1. DSM 6.1.4 timezone

    Hi, AD server time is correct, also all clients show correct time, only problem is with DSM server which is 2 hours ahead while timezone is same, it updates correctly with AD but shows wrong time. I noticed that TVheadend has correct time while it is on the DSM server it shows the same time as my AD server. Hemant
  2. DSM 6.1.4 timezone

    Hi Guys, I'm running DSM 6.1.4 on a HP DC7900, today I noticed that my time is not correct in my DSM. I use NTP to sync with my AD server problem is that the DSM quickly sync but then changes back to being 1 hour ahead of my timezone GMT+2. I put Amstersdam GMT+1 as timezone and enabled NTP to my AD. cannot sems to figure out why it changes back every time. Even when doing this manually it changes the time to GMT +2 instead of GMT+1, anyone knows why or has a fix? Cheers, Hemant
  3. @IG-88 Yes other PC is running exact same DSM 6.1 version as the DC7900 so driver should work, only problem is that Jbod works on the other systems while not on the DC7900. Cheers, Hemant
  4. @IG-88 I'm currently running DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1 on DS3615xs. Will cache still be available if SSD attached to the Adaptec. I can try as there is no data on it. the data sits on the onboard controller which has 5 disks attached and want to expand #disks and add SSD cache by adding an addtional controller i have two lying around the Promise (which does not work for obvious reasons and the Adaptec. Funny thing though, when i put the adaptec on a different PC configured as JBOD, I can see the disks and SSD and configure both, clould it also be due to bios limitations from the DC7900 i'm running compared to the Asus dual Xeon board which works fine? Hemant.
  5. Hi IG-88, Correct i noticed the driver: Kernel driver in use: aacraid I created Jbod but nothing visible, does Jbod not work and should i be creating raid0 for each disk? I have attached SSD on the raid controller and wanted to use it for cache! Cheers, Hemant
  6. thanks IG-88 sorry did not spot it. What about the Adaptec 5805 raid, is it supported as i'm unable to see any devices attached to this controller. Cheers, Hemant
  7. Hi Friends, I have a promise fasttrak TX4310, unformtunately it does not wokr I have created JBOD and raid0 but disks are not visible in the webif. Any indeas if the driver is there? It worked with 5.x release where i used the controller to add 4 disks on top of the 5 connections i have on the mainboard. Cheers, Hemant
  8. Hi Deloza, I had the same issue initially because the nic was not getting an IP, what you can try is directly plugin a laptop to the back of the diskstation and then do the find.mysyno or use the desktop version. Cheers
  9. I managed to get both Sundtek and TVH 4.2.4 working, so i'm good to go now with this new firmware. Cheers, Hemant
  10. HI All, Just finished upgrading from DSM 5.2 to DSM 6.1 on my DC7900 HP Tower, there are some things that need to be taken into account when proceeding: -UEFI boot is not wokring on this machine so you need the other loader on top of the page. -Nic card is recognized, but not stable on the build in NIC, looses ping and not reachable for some devices in the network, so a added an Intel MT1000 card which work fine. -After updating packages all seems to work fine and sync and backup jobs even work well. What does not work: -My Sundek TV tuners are not recognized anymore, even when re-installing the drivers -TVHEADend acting strange (keeps asking for password), first need to figure out the TVtuners Rest seems to be stable and I can now use the latest packages available, docker was actyually the one i wanted to have on the latest version. If someone figures out on how to get the SUNDTEK DVB-C and DVB-S tuners working, please share so I can used TVH again. If you have any questions regarding the DC7900 just let me know. Cheers, Hemant
  11. [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Hi here is my post on DSM 4.3. I;m running on VMware ESX 5.5 with an Adaptec 5805 I created 8 JBOD disks and presented them to ESX. Once the XPEnology guest was created I added the 8 disks to XPE. and enabled SHR. Config is as advised 2 sockets with each 1 core and 2 GB memory. All is working good but looking for some reference for reade/write: I did some tests and here are my results: READ 50 MB/s WRITE 80-100 MB/s Not sure why this is I would expect a higher read speed in this setup? What are your rates in ESX, i'm curious. Cheers, Hemant
  12. Hi Friends, I'm running this version on ESX box eg:XPEnology_trantor_3827_esxi_v1.2 I'm not sure if you have the same problem but i do not have the option to join domain, is that correct? Hemant