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  1. Информация для архива, если вдруг кому тоже нужно будет. Давеча понадобилось мне заменить практически вышедший из строя один из ЖД в массиве JBOD с сохранением данных. Делается это вполне легко, при соблюдении некоторых условий. Далее описаны условия и алгоритм замены. Основные условия: 1. Исходный диск должен быть живым. Т.е. нужно чтобы все смогло прочитаться, а это значит постоянно нужно мониторить SMART, на бэды и на "повторные подключения" и реагировать быстро, если начались неисправности. Повторные подключения вообще беда, когда диск не може
  2. I would like to continue experimenting. I can buy another card if you tell me which one you want to test. I can buy from aliexpress or ebay sites.
  3. I was finally able to test the AX99100 card that came to me from China. The result is negative. I couldn't run it on either 3615 or 918+. I am very sorry. I attach photos of the card and packaging. I also attach the lspci and dmesg files, located in the AX99100 folder. Confirm. Does not work.
  4. I got the card I ordered yesterday. I'll try to get to my computer next week and test this card. I'll report the results and take a photo of the card.
  5. Новую тему не стал создавать. Инструкция по активации приложений Active Backup for Business, Active Backup for G Suite и Active Backup for Microsoft 365. Описывает где взять код активации без серийного номера и регистрации на сайте синолоджи. Активация приложений Backup, Office365 и тд.pdf
  6. I already ordered. Let me have it. Suddenly it will work.
  7. I found the following in China: Asix AX99100 (Specified chip ASIX/AX99100b) Asix MCS9922CV-AA (Specified chip MCS9922CV. Support for the Linux kernel 2.6.11 and higher is explicitly specified here.) Interestingly, the second one costs almost three times as much. I don't know why. He probably still knows how to make hot cakes in the morning. I will order the Board on the AX99100 chip for now. For the experiment. The PCI-e Board will come to me in about a month. Then I'll let you know what happened. If it doesn't work out, then I will order an expen
  8. Interesting conclusion. I'll try looking for cards on these chips and buy some. This will be an interesting experiment. I'll keep you posted.
  9. Вроде как разобрались в буржуйской ветке. Не поддерживается PCI-e ядром в старых загрузчиках.
  10. UPDATE: too working - DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b + extra3615_v4.9_test + rd.gz+zimage from pat file 6.1.7
  11. Ahaha))) I decided to scan the network and I found my xpenology!!! I used: DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b + extra3615_v4.9_test + rd.gz+zimage from pat file 6.1.7 I put DSM6. 1. 7 on a test hard drive and it all works. But I will use DS918+ in my work. But I still haven't received a single character on the serial port. Nowadays, the serial port is less and less common. Can't I add drivers to the bootloader for serial ports on PCI-e? It's very hard to work blindly I don't know what errors the kernel displays... PS Bootloader 1.04 for DS 91
  12. I tried running 3615 again. I tried the bootloader 1.03b and 1.02b. I also copied the extra (and rd.gz+zimage from pat file). But I always get a picture on the monitor as in the photo and not a single character on the serial port. I changed the BIOS settings, but it didn't lead to anything. I think the kernel in these loaders doesn't support (?) my PCI-e serial card. I don't know what else I can do.
  13. This is my pci-e serial adapter (01:00.0 Serial controller: Device 1c00:3253 (rev 10)). I used a bundle: SERIAL PCI-E --> Null modem cable --> COM2USB --> terminal (Windows 7) In the photos, I took a picture of the pci-e board itself and the chip, as well as a photo of the COM2USB adapter and its ID (Windows 7). I added another photo of the data output to the terminal so that you don't think I'm deceiving you. This is the data output when loading DS 918+. There is a
  14. I'll write the model tonight. If it is suitable for you and you can not find it on sale, I am ready to send it to you as a thank you for the development. Free of charge, of course.
  15. I understood. I will write a model of my serial port Board today. I will try again today to run 3615 or 3617. Although I have already set up 918+ and it works fine. But for the community, I will conduct experiments.