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  1. After installation the finder won't work. Did you well changed the network adapter in the xml ? You can give it a try by setting back the adapter as its default value (e1000). Did you well tried connecting to DSM through the ip (with http) with default port 5000 ?
  2. Hi. I didn't read anything this way. If you try it it would be interesting.
  3. Just to let me know. Does 9P gives the possibility to mount a host drive at the place of a Dsm shared folder ? If I want to mount the host directory as replacement of DSM volume1/music directory to let it serve Audio Station, would it be possible ? NFS share can't do this, does 9P ? Same question with encrypted shared folder, is it possible with 9P to store encrypted files on a host directory or is it mandatory to have a vdisk to store the files in it ? Thanks
  4. Yes, storing vdisk outside is the solution, but I didn't succeed in making it working due to(i guess) permission restrictions. Now that my docker has been fixed I should make a new try. Envoyé de mon ONEPLUS A6013 en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Hello Docker is restarted: -either by unraid when a setting is changed by me in the docker container -either by unraid when restarting the whole server -most of the time by DSM itself Envoyé de mon ONEPLUS A6013 en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. You're welcome, you succeeded in what I was not able to, I imagine it was exhausting [emoji1] Envoyé de mon ONEPLUS A6013 en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. Did you well drag and drop the 16GB disk to the grey place at right of the screen ? Envoyé de mon ONEPLUS A6013 en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. Hi ! Thank you all for this amazing thread. Thank you caperse for the tips, and thank you again IG-88 for your science of xpenology and your time spent to help in so many threads. Big up for you two. I was able to start a VM with DSM 6.2.3 on it. First step : customize the bootload. Download the 1.04b jun's bootloader for DS918+ (at bottom of this thread you'll find a link to virtio bootloader, you can give it a try) Grab a bloc note and chose : - a virtual mac adress (create it) - a serial number
  9. Hi After migrating from Xpenology to UNRAID, I'm trying to install Xpenology in a docker to fill some lacks as nice Users Homes and Surveillance Station. I tried Uxora package, and I sincerely thank him for this, but I got some issues. First, I had the Corrupted file issue when I installed DSM. Changing USB from Y to N did the job, but as DSM format every drive at installation, I had to reinstall everything at each start ... Finally got it working, with USB on Y and a better connection. Fine. T
  10. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.3 Update 1 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.02b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL (9 SATA HDD) - Additional comments: REBOOT REQUIRED and non default drive ports need to be reconfigured after update (volume can crash if non redundant HDD are outside default configuration) See :
  11. Salut Les cartes Startech sont trouvables chez et sont compatibles.
  12. Salut Le sujet a déjà été traité ici Bonne journée
  13. Super bonne question. Vu les temps d'écriture et de lecture je pense que oui, mais je me rangerai à l'avis de plus expérimentés que moi.
  14. Salut En fait le symptôme est que les disques internes étaient vu en eSata (visible dans les disques amovibles comme les clés usb quoi) J'ai suivi ce tuto J'ai tâtonné un peu en mettant d'abord 21 ports internes,cm ce que je trouvais en faisant la méthode indiquée... et mon disque usb était vu en drive interne. En réduisant progressivement les ports on tombe sur la bonne configuration. L'usb est vu en usb, l'interne en interne, et j'ai mis 0 port eSata. J'ai aussi modifié la variable maxdi