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  1. No and Yes - I stopped the VM and waited 14 days and started it up again After that the IP block internal/external was lifted
  2. I have been really happy running a virtual DSM7 on my Unraid server (VM) But after a notification about a DSM update (I don't have auto update enabled, so it should be on the last working DSM) I now get this error when trying to login (I have 2FA enabled) (There is NO mistake in the Password I use the 1Password with 2FA works perfectly until now) The strange thing is that I get the same error when trying to login from another PC with another IP? It's like the account is blocked? I have the built-in Admin user disabled (For security, big mistake) Is there any way to do anything from the REDPILL UI? I remember in the old loaders there where a resetuser: Name? Any and all help is much appreciated, I didn't do a backup and now I am stuck
  3. Hi All I am running a 3617xs for years! on a Unraid server as a VM works great! I am at a point where I don't know how to get the redpill "build" defined as a 3617xs it keeps creating one for the 3622xs+? How can I define it to be a 3617xs? I have also updated the file "user_config.json" with my serial and my Macid's 1-4 I selected the platform: ./rploader.sh build broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661 Sorry is the platform = to a NAS model? (NOOB I know) Br Casperse
  4. Hello All My name is casperse and I am trying to get my 3617 DSM6 to DSM 7 I have redpill running with a 3622xs+ but I really want my old 3617 upgraded Hoping to get the last bits from a friendly fellow "Xpenologyst"
  5. So is this a SMB mount? or WEBDAV? my automount haven't been stable and I have to remount the shares manually
  6. Hi All I managed to create a small fast XPEnology machine running on my NVMe cache drive and it works great And it easy to backup and try updates and if it doesn't work just roll back again But because of the size limit I only have 200G for the Apps and as the primary drive running the DSM So I was wondering is there any way to pass a local folder on my server like /Photo/ --> to a Synology shared path folder on the XPEnology NAS In other VM's this is really easy just to create a new folder and map it to some path in the running VM I am currently running this on a UNRAID server with the built in VM functionality and so far everything works great To begin with a parsed a full HD to the VM, but I dont like having the files only accessible to the XPEnology VM! Hope someone can share some light on this Running the latest DSM on a 3617xs + 4 port Intel NIC as a passthrough actual HW
  7. casperse

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Thanks! This fixed both my 3615 and 3617 DSM both are now on the latest DSM update DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2
  8. casperse

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Update: I forgot to set the controller for the sata = 1 for the (USB) I can now boot without problems again! But I have to stay at DSM_DS3615xs_25423_6.2.3 cant update to the DSM_DS3615xs_25426_6.2.3 I even managed to get all listed as drives (USB 50MB/Virtual drive for APPs 50G/ SATA direct port 3TB drive)
  9. casperse

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I just did a new VM install on Unraid wanted to use 2 LAN HW ported to the image - Outcome of the update: FAIL - DSM version prior update (6.2.3) : DSM_DS3615xs_25423 --> DSM_DS3615xs_25426 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER 1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: VM machine Unraid - Additional comments: Can now only install when setting the loader as USB (SATA does not work anymore) I end up having the synoboot_3615.img showing up like this? This is really strange... (Don't know what would happen if I ejected this?)
  10. Yes I would really like to test it just PM me with a link and I will go to work testing!
  11. Outcome of the installation/update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: None - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.03b - DS3515xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: VM - UNRAID - Gigabyte C246-WU4 - RAM 64Gb DDR4 ECC - Intel Xeon E-2176G - Pass-through Integrated LAN Intel - Additional comments: Before the reboot DSM was mounting the USB bootloader? Usbshare 1-1 and Usbshare 1-2. UPDATE: Tried changing the USB to sata and it still works and the USB mount is gone
  12. This is a very old request from 2018 Does anyone know if there is a with support for a 1.03b bootloader with VIRTIO drivers? I need this in order to get better LAN performance using Xpenology as a VM on Unraid server
  13. I used the one in the link above, works!
  14. Stupid me! Seems you need to alter the time out to 10s in order to select the VM option in the loader.... I didn't know it just auto selected the first line before I opened the VNC! Step-by-step guide working for me: Create VM use CENTOS First scroll down make sure it's set to br0 Either copy MAC and edit synoboot.img , or edit MAC / SN after generation use OSFmount Copy edited synoboot.img to wanted location and set permissions to 7777 Host Passtrough (i'm on i3-6100) Choose initial memory Use SeaBIOS Primary vDisk Location eg /mnt/cache/xpenology/synoboot.img (use USB, manual) 2nd vDisk location either /dev/sd*** or create Manual eg /mnt/cache/xpenology/vdisk.img (use SATA, enough gb-space, qcow2) deselect start VM after creation and click apply edit created VM, right top corner to XML view change br0 model type from VIRTIO to e1000e change hdd bus sata controller from 0 to 1 update and back out to main VM page Unraid start VM, right after start go to VNC remote from 1st option Baremetal to 3rd option VMware
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