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  1. Just figured out that the issue happens when setting "Set MTU value manually" to 9000, the operation fails but this value still remains despite unticking the option or to another value.
  2. Thank you for the excellent tutorial. For the best part of the year, I've been running VM running DSM 5.2-5967. I decided to run barebone fresh installation of this (DSM 6.1.4-15217 update 1) on a spare HP N36L Microserver. Everything works fine until the system is given a static IP and the system is restarted. I cant access the system via webgui, ssh or telnet - ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Re-installing/migrating the system with DHCP IP ( works fine even after system restart. IP: SM: GW: DNS: It certainly not the way I'm setting the IP address it's a spare unused IP address. I've compared it to the VM build and its similar except the IP address ( I suppose I can bind the IP address via the router but really want to fix this issue before moving data. Any ideas...