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  1. IT WORKS!!! Thank you a milion times Polanskiman!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I am verry happy now, please PM me your paypal I would like to donate a couple of bucks to you, I don't have much but you deserve it!
  2. THANK YOU POLANSKIMAN!!!! Ofcourse I will try it right away, I'm on vaication this week so ill be working on this the whole day, and its 11AM allready Should I do a clean install/boot or should I first install and boot 5.2 and then try to boot as you sugest?
  3. Polanskiman thank you for trying to help! Ok, so... my cpu is Intel Pentium E8500 my mobo is MSI P6NGM i have 2x2gb kingston ddr2 667mhz 1x 500gb wd blue 1x 120gb kingston hyperx ssd gpu is nVidia gt210 but I don't need it, its just there to see the screen, but I will take it out when I finish this setup. Waiting for your instructions EDIT: I also booted up windows 10 install just to format both drives in the "nas" so there are no problems with upgradeing etc...
  4. can you guys help me out please? I wasted 2 days 100s of reboots and 100s of downloaded zip's and files... I am trying to get a bearmetal install of 6.0 with jun's loader to work on a nas I built on socket 775 parts I had laying arround I don't know the mobo model so I don't know what NIC it has, but I have been using DSM 5.2 without any issues Ill write any info you guys need and answer any questions, also I will do anything you want me to do to get this resolved. Thank you all in advance and kudos for everyone involved in this project EDIT: my problem is I get to the booting kernel screen but I cant see the nas in my router or find it with synology assistant